Top 5 shows of the weekend


After a long weekend we’re back to a regular schedule and I hope everyone had a fulfilling Thanksgiving, whether you were with loved ones or just found a rare moment of tranquility when the city got a little less intense.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


This wretched month will finally come to an end by the time the weekend is out, but February does leave us a nice parting gift in the form of some fantastic shows that should get you out of whatever hopefully warm abode you call home.

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Knitting Factory opening new restaurant

knittingrestaurantIt’ll be right next door to the music venue on Metropolitan Avenue, where Japanese izakaya restaurant Qoo Robata once stood. I think I went there once and it was pretty mediocre, so hopefully this new spot is an improvement. Even if it’s not, maybe it’ll draw some of the crowd away from The Commodore so I can comfortably enjoy a cheeseburger.

According to Gothamist, this unnamed restaurant will seat about 50 people, and will specialize in New American-type fare.

…the concept will be similar to Knitting Factory’s other hospitality ventures, which include The District Bar gastropub in Spokane, Washington, two Hollywood eateries—the Latin Bow and Truss—and the upscale classic American joint The Federal.

The renovation of the space will be fairly minimal, Reiter said, with the bulk of the remodeling limited to aesthetics. “There’s really no change to the existing condition [of the building’s structure]—all in all, it’s an interesting layout,” he said. “There’s a raised ceiling in the back so there’s going to be some cool design stuff there.” Design firm Hecho Inc is doing the work; they’re also the folks who brought us the Baby’s Alright’s interior (and they make dumpster pools). Says Reiter: “We’re really excited to have Hecho Inc. as the design company that did the buildout here, they’re great.”

Top 5 shows of the weekend


Congratulations, everyone, we survived another week. Yeah, great, go us. In a bid to winnow the abominable chasm of nihilism from the wonderful glee of aural orgasm, here are some recommendations for the weekend.

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Live Review: Screaming Females at the Knitting Factory

Screaming Females Knitting Factory

Don Giovanni arguably have the most consistent roster around right now with the likes of Brick Mower, Priests, California X, Waxahatchee, Black Wine and flagship band, Screaming Females all gracing the New Brunswick-based label.

Screamales kicked off their latest tour in Baltimore the previous night and there was no sign of any early-tour rustiness as the band customarily blitzed through their sold-out 60-minute set at the Knitting Factory on Saturday evening. You can also listen to new single, Wishing Well, after the jump.

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Japan Nite came to the Knitting Factory


Last Sunday “Japan Nite” made its stop at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, presenting a hodgepodge of rising sun styles. Below are two examples from polar opposites of the musical spectrum. A snippet of Starmarie‘s J-Pop bubblegum and the full set of gravity defying Vampillia.

Starmarie at the Knitting Factory

Vampillia at the Knitting Factory

Captured live: Lazyeyes @ Knitting Factory

Review by: Layton Weedman(Courtesy Tier Drummer) | 9/14/2012

Imagine an up-tempo Pixies mixed with Sonic Youth’s “Silver Rocket” energy circa 1988. The band plays music that can be met with today’s current trends as well like Beach House and Diiv but their performance on stage pulls the music to new heights. Their drummer is a solid power-house hitter. On point and tight. Lead singer and guitarist, Jason Abrishami plays without shoes and gets jolted into the groups sonic tide. High end guitars sing and echo over thumps while the bass player and second guitarist keep everything jelled in. A well-suited combination for something special.

Keep an ear open and check em out online at


Captured live: Wild International live @ Knitting Factory

I met up with my boy Layton(drummer from The Courtesy Tier) Friday night so we could catch a couple of sets at the Knitting Factory. First on the bill was Wild International. Other than that table in the middle of the stage messing up my shots these dudes were very entertaining. I couldn’t predict any of their change ups which is always a plus. It’s kind of hard to pick a specific genre to classify the music. Definitely some folk, rock, with a little electro… Fuck it, let’s just say it’s good and you should take a listen. If it tickles a funny bone or two than by all means hit them up on facebook and let them know about themselves. Enjoy!