World Premiere: Voli – All The Same


Voli Interview

So recently I came across this artist that goes by the name of Voli. Some of you may have caught wind of him from his work with artists such as Goyte and J.Cole in the past. But today I have the pleasure of introducing him and world premiering his new video “All The Same” off of his new album The Wall dropping in early 2012. Enjoy! Come check out the world premiere at noon sharp!


Captured live: Backwords interview/live @ Public Assembly

Late night during music festivals everyone starts getting a little sauced/intoxicated. This is where the fun begins. When you add music to the mix and a bunch of pretty hipsters you got yourself a great recipe for a classic Brooklyn night! In this clip I interview Tim Pioppo of Backwords at Public Assembly. Then go into some live footage from their set. Catch them tonight at Legions. Enjoy!


Captured live: The Suzan live @ Public Assembly(Extended)

I don’t even know where to start with these ladies. The Suzan are so good that I couldn’t possibly cut after the first song. The transition was perfection so I just kept it moving. Saori, Rie, Ikue, NICO and Fool Gold I love you all. Please continue to kick tons of ass. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.


Captured live: Passenger Peru @ Shea Stadium

This past Friday I was invited to the Passenger Peru EP release party by Quiet Loudly. Everyone who performed did a great job. It was an all around good night at Shea Stadium. Thanks for having me! Here is a clip of Passenger Peru doing their thing. Enjoy lads!


CMJ Must See: EULA

I had the pleasure of checking EULA out on Friday at Shea Stadium. They blew me away! Go check them out, you will not be disappointed. They’re a vicious 3 piece to say the least.

Fri Oct 19 @ Rock Bottom [177 Stockholm St]
Aputumpu Showcase w/ Cool Serbia, Fast Years, Denzels
EULA @ 9pm

Sat Oct 20 @ The Paper Box [17 Meadow St]
Gimme Tinnitus & Exploding in Sound Showcase w/ Sleepies, Heliotropes, Yvette, Roomrunner, She Keeps Bees
EULA at 9pm

CMJ Must See: The Suzan

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, The Fools Gold team are fucking geniuses. Do yourselves a favor and head over to Public Assembly and catch The Suzan. I shot them over a year ago. If they managed to get better from the perfection I saw the last time you people are in for a treat!


11:15 – Heliotropes
10:30 – Leda
9:45 – Beach Day
9:00 – Backwords
8:15 – The Suzan
7:30 – Easy Lover

Tuesday, October 16th

Sponsored by Narragansett – Free beer from 7-8pm

Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-4586

Some CMJ Must sees: Black Light Dinner Party

I know everyone is so excited for CMJ! I’m going to be posting a bunch of cool bands/showcases I’m all worked up for as the week goes on. Tres Mack posted this video last week and I’ve been worked up ever since. I can’t wait to catch Black Light Dinner Party at Pianos on 10/17. I love their tunes. Can’t wait to hear them live.

Full line up is as followed:
Devin, La Big Vic (upstairs), Black Light Dinner Party, Fletcher C. Johnson (upstairs), Sleepies, Emma Louise (upstairs), Chains of Love, Incan Abraham (upstairs), Bad Cop, Starred (upstairs)

Show starts at 7:30

158 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002
More Show Information