Dewey Decibel – “Love”

I have friends all over the place. Philadelphia was my stomping ground while in college. I touch base with my people a few times a week. Particularly my boy John F and a lovely lady by the name of Ruth. On multiple occasions the name Dewey Decibel has come up. I was actually eating brunch a while back with the owner of Bold New Breed Records Rick Friedrich and he had mentioned Dewey as well.

On my lunch break one of my friends randomly sent me a video. It was none other than Dewey Decibel. Now that it was front and center I had to take the time to listen. I’m not one to believe the hype of anything until I listen for myself. I definitely agree, dude has skills. Wish I took the time to listen a while ago. Judge for yourself. This track is called “Love” by Dewey Decibel. I’ll keep you posted the next time he’s in NYC. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!