New Joanna Newsom single ‘Sapokanikan’ with video directed by P.T. Anderson


We loved Newson’s last record , Have One On Me, so we’re looking forward to her next full length Divers, available October 23 on Drag City. It’s been five long years and the first single definitely has our attention: [Read more…]

Joanna Newsom – “The North Star Grassman and the Ravens”

We’re still heartbroken that she married Adam Samberg, but this almost makes up for it:


The fans of Melissa Coker’s L.A.-based collection Wren aren’t limited to the West Coast, but when you’ve got California scenery like she does to draw on, it’d be a crime not to use it. So for her Fall ‘13 video, she packed up collaborators Sarah Sophie Flicker and Maxmilla Lukacs and headed to Malibu. “I love the contrast of the whimsy of the clothes with the ethereal setting of the mountains and outdoors,” Coker said. Whimsy is just the right word for the video’s star, the adored singer/songwriter and harpist Joanna Newsom. Newsom, harp in tow, performed a cover of Sandy Denny’s folksy, 1971 sea shanty “The North Star Grassman and the Ravens.” “Aesthetically, her songs are really inspiring to me—they’re really bold strokes that feel sort of theatrical and they’re interested in story,” Newsom said of Denny’s melancholy track and creative collaboration it inspired. “The fashion and design that I’m interested in also has to do with story, very strong statements that have some sort of narrative to them, that they aren’t just interested in the now.” Coker and co. invited to take a look at the shoot in progress; the video debuts early next year.

New Joanna Newsom Track: “The Diver’s Wife”

Listen: The Diver’s Wife (live in San Francisco)