For $1 Million Jay-Z, Devendra Banhardt, and Jeff Koons Will Paint NYC’s Watertowers

Courtesy Word Above the Street

You probably get Kickstarter requests on a daily basis from friends asking for support. But it’s not every day that you come across one trying to change the city’s skyline. That’s what The Water Tank Project is trying to do. For a million dollars, the Project “will transform the skyline by converting water tanks across all five boroughs into works of art on the subject of water.” There are some big names involved, including Jeff Koons, Jay Z, Devendra Banhart, and Bruce Weber. The exhibit plans to be up for twelve weeks next summer.

“We want New York City to look up again, to dream big, to feel proud, to create, to share, to believe, to take action,” the press release states. Unlike much of the city’s art, this exhibit will be free and accessible to all. Brooklyn-based artist Mary Jordan is behind the project.

Not only is the project about public art, but it also aims to promote a deeper message about the high quality of New York City’s water and how the city should play a “role as a world leader setting new standards for sustainability.”

Sounds pretty good, right? The project needs your help getting off the ground, so head on over to Kickstarter to check out the details for yourself.

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week


The coverage of Todd P’s Real Estate show at K&K Super Buffet was pretty extensive, so we just wanted to take make one brief comment: The Most Blogged About Shows this Week team wants to apologize to the hosts of the random Bushwick loft party we crashed on our way home. Please let us know where we can leave the $2.79 we owe for the stove-top stuffing we stole on our way out.

If you have a million dollars, we hope you are seeing Jay-Z this Monday at Carnegie Hall. If not—and you’re interested in checking out a totally different hip-hop show—you should see Action Bronson, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire and others at the soon-to-be-shut-down Southpaw on Thursday.

There are three great shows at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Nicolas Jaar tonight; the sold-out Tycho, Oneohtrix Point Never (bonus to those who can pronounce this band’s name) and Beacon on Saturday; and Dum Dum Girls, Widowspeak and Punks on Mars on Tuesday.

Finally, the show that we are most excited about is an all-star lineup of hardcore at (le) Poisson Rouge with Ceremony, The Rival Mob, Hoax, Kim Phuc, Gods & Queens and the amazing Pissed Jeans.  The show unfortunately sold out—if you have tickets, let us know so we can join you.

On to the top 10 shows for the next 7 days…

10. Class Actress @ 285 Kent Ave w/ Pictureplane, Beige
Friday, February 3rd at 8:00pm – all ages, $12
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Thees Uhlmann – “Jay-Z singt und ein Lied”

Thees Uhlmann’s new promotional video for “Jay-Z sings us a song” features random New Yorkers trying to pronounce the unpronounceable. I particularly dig ‘air dumming’ dude and Michael Jackson.

Santigold and Karen O: “Go!”

So you want a Friday power jam to blast on repeat? Want to make sure that this jam you are playing on your headphones is the same one that everyone else on the L train is playing this weekend? A collaboration between several huge names in music? “Go!”

This return of Santigold is star-studded. Karen O takes a verse, while fellow  Yeah Yeah Yeah Nick Zinner takes on guitar duties. Looking for the cross-genre cred? Q-Tip and Switch produced the track and it was debuted along with an interview on Jay-Z’s Life + Times. I’m sold.
Santigold feat. Karen O – Go by ListenBeforeYouBuy


As a food, ham isn’t that tough. You know, Christmas dinners and all that. But when I found out that this Kanye + Jay-Z collaboration from their forthcoming Watch the Throne wasn’t about pork, I decided to give it a listen. And I guess “Hard As a Motherfucker” is a cool sentiment and theme for a song.

The track has the two powerhouses rapping over huge strings and operatic vocal arrangements. And the immensity of the production is really its best quality. Some of the rhymes are a little bland, but as the instruments build and then get stripped away to just a lone piano and then cut back in with the melody, it does kind of feel hard as a motherfucker.

Check it out over at Facebook, where you go to find new music. Watch the Throne is slated to be released in March.

Jay Bells: Surprisingly Not Awful

Did anyone get the feeling early this summer that everyone else wearing headphones on the L train was listening to the Sleigh Bells record? From the cute girl with the Strand tote bag, to the strung-out dude in the too-short shorts, to the hip mom pushing the stroller. Treats was in everyone’s ears.

So it’s about time someone mashed these guys up with some Jay-Z rhymes! (Apparently people are still into mashups albums?) The Beatles got Grey Albumed by Dangermouse. Radiohead got Jaydioheaded by Max Tannone. And now Sleigh Bells just got Jay Bellsed by DJ O-Face.

Surprisingly, it’s not bad. Although many iTunes libraries have become exhausted from listening to “Tell ‘Em” on repeat, and maybe you’re still on a Jay-Z hiatus to recover from 2009’s ubiquitous “Empire State of Mind,” this is a nice change of pace. Jay spits over six of your favorite Treats tracks, sometimes intermingling with Alexis Kraus’s screech-singing. When you’re blasting this on your next commute, you’ll still feel kindred to your fellow travelers, but with a little more swagger.

Download Jay Bells over at