New Video From Kyoto’s Hotel Mexico – “A.I. in Dreams”

This is a new video by Hotel Mexico. A song boy is from their new album Her Decorated Post Love out 6th Feb. [via]

peelander-z as amazing as you would think

BrooklynVegan just posted a video of Japanese band, Peelander-Z, during their stay in Brooklyn over CMJ. Peelander-Z are pretty much exactly what you would expect from a band that has the “word” Peelander in their name – Amazing. They had me at, “My name is Peelander Yellow. I love your mum. I love your father. I love your grandmum.” BV explains, “The video was filmed on North 6th Street in Brooklyn not long after they played an insane set at the free BrooklynVegan party inside Public Assembly.”

Weekend Music

LSD Trippple Nippples by trippplenippples

Oh my, this track is insane. The band is called Trippple Nippples, that’s right with triple ppp’s, and come to us from Tokyo, Japan. Trippple Nippples were recently featured in a documentary by Pharrell Williams called Tokyo Rising, and have just released this new single, entitled “LSD.” As one could imagine, their live shows seem to be insane, so here is to hoping they make their way to Brooklyn. For now, I can only hope to have half the fun this Friday as these people…