Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls Showcase at MHOW

Typically on Free Williamsburg we are busy documenting how the influx of children to the neighborhood is giving us hives–but not this time folks!  For now we applaud the little ones and the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is giving us reason to do so.  The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is the Clinton Hill based music and mentoring program dedicated to the empowerment of girls  and women.  Girls aged 8-18 participate in a week long program to get savvy at their instrument of choice and will be showing off their new skills at the Camp’s rock showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg this Saturday the 16th.  It will be as if  School Of Rock has come alive right before your very eyes, except that Jack Black (thankfully?) won’t be there to ham it up.   Purchase tickets here and help support this fantastic program, doors are at 11am and the show starts at 12pm.

While the camp is no longer taking enrollment for summer it is not too late for fall! If you have a lil lady in your life looking for a hobby get them involved in Willie Mae Rock Camp’s after school programs.

Check out some campers rocking out (appropriately) to Sleater-Kinney below: