Baths Plays Union Pool, Makes Everyone Dance

Baths AKA Will Wiesenberg played Union Pool last night and Mercury Lounge the night before with fellow Californians Fol Chen, and after a sweaty and amazing show, FREEWilly caught up with the man himself for a little Q&A.

What do you think of New York/Brooklyn? How does it differ from the LA and SF scenes to you?

Well, LA is just brutally my home. I’m obsessed with it. And I’m obsessed with the dreary qualities of San Francisco. It’s just too hot in New York right now– I can’t deal. They’re all amazing though. But the dream is to get to Japan.

I know you’ve had a long love affair with Japan. What spawned it?
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Broke Ass Stuart's Guide to the Cheap Life

c/o Julie Michelle

Earlier this year (ironically enough, on April Fools Day), I had the honor of holding title as Broke Ass of the Week for a website that knows a thing or two about how to get by on a dime– Broke Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website. Unfortunately for me, no one screams April Fools when this girl checks her bank account.

After making internet friends with Stuart, we decided it would be fun to have the brokeitude savvy Editor-In-Cheap answer his very own Broke Ass questions.

What makes him an expert, you ask? Well, he’s written two books on how to live cheap in San Francisco and New York– basically doing all the research (i.e. drinking a lot) for you. And although the blog itself is based out of SF, the NY section is lengthy enough to keep us going back for more.

So read the rest of the interview after the jump to learn the perks of pulling out, garbage plates, and how money can buy you a houseboy to throw your shoes at.

Name: Broke-Ass Stuart

Age: 29 but I don’t look a day older than 28 and a half.

Occupation: Travel Writer and mouth piece for the young, broke and beautiful.

What neighborhood do you live in?: Currently in San Francisco’s Mission district, but I always say I’m bi-coastal curious.  While I no longer live in Brooklyn, I was there five times last year.

What are you listening to these days?: Richie Cunning.  Hip-hop hasn’t sounded this good in WAY too long.

Best money saving tip: Buy my books and read my site.  If you like cheap stuff and shit talking, you my friend have just happened upon a goldmine.

What do you refuse to spend money on?: Condoms.  I only trust the pull out method and abortions…but really, I refuse to spend money on anything that’s supposed to be “in right now”.  I’d rather have the stupidest looking shoes and wear them because they’re comfortable, than look back at picture of myself and think, “Wow, not only did I look like a total cheese dick, but those shits hurt my feet too.”

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Attn: DFA's Justin Miller Cordially Invites You To The Dance Floor Tonight at Brooklyn Bowl

As if our lineup wasn’t stacked enough, starting at midnight tonight you’ll be able to catch Justin Miller of DFA Records killing it on the tables at Brooklyn Bowl. We expect you to bring your very best dance moves, as Miller will be dropping some previously unreleased DFA jams, along with a hand delivered track from Mr. Young Turks himself.

We chatted with Justin about his take on the vinyl wars, his love for smooth 70s jazz, and his last minute trick that got Tim Burton out on the dance floor. We’re excited for a million and one obvious reasons. See you all tonight… and don’t forget to wear your proverbial party pants!

Let’s start with the dividing line in the DJ world. Vinyl or tech– which do you prefer and why?

Vinyl, definitely. I work on a computer all day and if I had to use one to DJ I would go blind. I have a visual/audio recognition when looking at the records I’m playing that helps me hear the music in my head. That just doesn’t happen for me on a computer. I think its a disservice to have too much music available to you at any one time. You tend to stick to what you know or what others might want from you. With a bag of records you shape the night into what you want it to be because you’ve already thought about it ahead of time. Oh, and records sound way BETTER!

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Tonight at FREEwilly's Northside Showcase: Hooray For Earth

First and foremost, take a listen to Twin Shadow’s remix of “Surrounded By Your Friends” to get excited about our Northside Festival showcase TONIGHT AT BROOKLYN BOWL with Keepaway, Glass Ghost, Oh Land, and The Babies (members of Woods and Vivian Girls).

Hooray For Earth’s debut label EP, Momo, was released earlier this month on Dovecote Records to much acclaim on the interwebs. Not to mention the waves they’ve created on their most recent tour with Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Surfer Blood.

We got a chance to catch up with frontman Noel Heroux about cheap beer, almost getting killed by a bunch of teenagers on drugs, and what it is exactly that’s so great about Earth.

I read a review recently that called your music twee– would you agree? What words do you feel describe your music best?

I think someone just said “twee” because we played with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Maybe “Surrounded By Your Friends” seems a bit twee-pop on first listen. Our friend Kurt [Feldman] recently called us “doom pop”.

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An Interview With Williamsburg Band Keepaway

We couldn’t be more excited to have buzz band Keepaway headlining our Northside Festival showcase this year. Raves by tastemakers including Prefix, Pitchfork, and well, us, are quickly establishing this Williamsburg -based trio as a band to watch.

We spoke briefly with Frank Lyon (drums) and Nicholas Nauman (guitar) about their EP, the Animal Collective comparisons, and of course, Christina Ricci.

Keepaway will be playing the FREEwilliamsburg Northside Festival showcase at Brooklyn Bowl this Sunday, June 27th along with The Babies, Oh Land, Glass Ghost, and Hooray for Earth.

What are you trying to Keepaway from?

Frank: The money, the cars, the hoes. I suppose…

Nick: It’s one word, buddy. Ballsports, secret cubbies, our band. A vibe.

(Keepaway were formerly known as the unGooglable IN)

Where are you all from and where do you live now?

Frank: I am from a few places, but I will go to Minneapolis to die. I currently live on Lorimer St.

Nick: Mike and I spent many formative years together outside of Boston. I got Kentucky and Ohio in me. Some California. I live fairly close to Frank.

Do you have a favorite Williamsburg hangout?

Frank: My bed.

Nick: Frank’s bed.

Do you tire of the Animal Collective comparisons or are they apt?

Nick: I don’t get it. We were trying so hard to sound like Wavves.

Frank: It’s cool.

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Wavves Grows Up, But (Luckily?) His Fans Don't

Last night, in celebration of the Northside Festival’s opening night, things got messy at the Knitting Factory– but not the kind of mess you may already associate with Nathan Williams (a.k.a. Wavves). I mean, of course, in that beer soaked slam dancing sort of way. And although some of his fans may not be on the path to adulthood just yet, according to his new band members the now frontman of Wavves, Williams, has quite possibly done some growing up [via]:

I left before Wavves took the stage after getting soaked in sweat scented beer (though the Village Voice caught me on the bright side), but let’s talk Dom and Cloud Nothings (and a live performance video that perfectly personifies them) after the jump.

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Glass Ghost Want You To Feel Uncomfortable, Play FREEwilly Northside Showcase

Listening to new music that, “can’t be defined by conventional music genres” can often be a taxing chore– like brushing your teeth after a night of binge drinking. The music feels foreign and you’re stimulated by so many elements that you can’t even figure out if you’re enjoying this listening experience. Although duo Glass Ghost combines diverse genres together, their music feels interesting and provocative on the first listen allowing you to immediately dissect and delve deeper into their sound.

Glass Ghost backs lead singer Eliot Krimsky‘s dynamic falsetto with rich and big sounds inspired by hip hop, R&B, electronic, and swelling rock. Most would assume the juxtaposed fragile voice and rich music would compete with (or detract from) one another but in Glass Ghost’s case, the sound surprisingly becomes even bigger– each complementing and completing the other.

Glass Ghost will be playing the FREEWilliamsburg Northside Festival showcase at Brooklyn Bowl this Sunday, June 27th along with The Babies, Oh Land, Hooray for Earth and Keepaway! Click here for more details and check out the interview with Glass Ghost drummer Mike Johnson below!

FREEWilliamsburg: Your songs are packed with so many different variables– a dynamic and expansive falsetto, elements of hip hop and R&B, and a variety of electronic and percussive instruments– it’s nearly impossible for an outside listener to synthesize. How would you describe your music?

Mike Johnson: Well, when it’s working well, I feel like there’s a nice absence of fear in our music. And we’ve played together so much that we don’t have to worry too much about the more fundamental aspects of how our music are working and we can kind of play around a little. I heard someone describe a J Dilla jam as, “The Cosby Slop.” I guess I’m interested creating a kind of slop, probably not a Cosby slop though. We take the songs pretty seriously though too. We really try to respect each song and kind of let it be it’s own world. And we try to figure out where it comes from and what it’s about.

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Meet Oh Land: The Most Adorable Danish Musician This Side of the Gowanus

Oh Land in a big bowIt all started in 2009, when a relatively unknown former ballerina from Denmark took the stage at SXSW, enchanting audience members with her dreamy electro-pop. She had just one self-produced album and little more than a year’s worth of experience making music under her belt. She’d never before performed in the U.S.

Now Nanna Øland Fabricius, otherwise known as Oh Land, is set to release her first major label album on Sony’s Epic Records later this year. After flying back and forth between LA and NYC, she just settled down for good this past January in Williamsburg, and will be playing at our very own Free Williamsburg showcase at the Northside festival this Sunday.

We sat down with the 25-year-old Copenhagen native to discuss her custom made electronic bell organ, being her own tour manager, and why her show will be like Mary Poppins on acid.

Free Williamsburg: So, you’ve just moved to Williamsburg. How do you like it so far?

Oh Land: I wanted to move here because I really like the feeling and the vibe. It’s more relaxed than manhattan. Like going over the bridge: all the work is in Manhattan and then it’s nice to go over the water and be out here and leave all that behind. Actually, Williamsburg reminds me a little bit of Copenhagen, where I come from. It’s like a little village.

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