Snowmine, The Conveyor, Illuminator, Teletextile at Glasslands [Photos]

As previously mentioned, January 5th was an evening of celebration. Below are some visual recaps from the night. If you’re not familiar with any of these Brooklyn bands, click on their band name for music networks.


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Show Alert- Snowmine at Glasslands Gallery 1/5

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Happy New Year! If you missed a party on New Year’s Eve, we have something to make up for it. This Thursday, local acts are gathering at Glasslands Gallery for a Popgun celebration. The headlining band is Snowmine, one of my personal favorites from 2011. Snowmine consists of five handsome men with the talents of creating tribal nostalgia. Their music can be received as low waves of synthed indie rock mixed with splashes of orchestrated pop. Laminate Pet Animal (Snowmine’s album) is a collection of delightful body treatments.

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