Where to avoid St. Patrick’s day in Brooklyn

No thanks

No thanks

Do you want to leave your house tonight but also feel pretty passionate about avoiding a run-in with NYC’s drunkest? Ya know, the green-adorned pub-goers who just can’t seem to leave their college days behind? They’re decorated with cheap plastic shamrock beads and leprechaun hats—perhaps a day as awful as Santacon in terms of public displays of intoxication and douchiness [Read more…]

Top 5 shows of the weekend

Kristin Hersh SDOMA Still


Here we are, most likely the final “top 5 shows of the weekend” post of 2016 (I feel like scrooge at christmas when it comes to new years eve…). The weather is going to be as bitter as Donald Trump, so wrap up warm, have your earplugs ready, and make the most of it.

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