How I Became a Hipster – The Times Beats The Same Dead Horse


Since the New York Times feels compelled to take a stab at the whole hipster/Williamsburg thing every three months, it’s no surprise that they’re right on time with this latest piece: How I Became a Hipster.

Granted, this mildly-amusing essay, written by apparent-Boomer Henry Alford, is a LOT better than their last humorless attempt. But come on, how stale can this topic become before they find something more compelling to mock? We covered it a decade ago. George Bush was still in his first term. There was no such thing as an iPhone.

First off, let’s consider the the subtitle of the piece: “Will.i.amsburg” — does anyone in Williamsburg listen to the Black Eyed Peas, or worse, Mumford and Sons who are name-dropped later in the article: “When a scruffy, ponytailed salesman in his 20s approached, I told him: ‘I’m going for a Mumford & Sons look. I want to look like I play the banjo.’ ”

Here are some other “zingers” and miscalculations from the article: [Read more…]

This Weekend: Hipster Dog Show In Greenpoint


The fashion show/contest is part of a bigger event called Bark For Life, “a noncompetitive walk event for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer.” There will also be face painting and magic shows, which were sort of cool like five years ago.
It all goes down at Monsignor McGolrick Park (at the intersection of Russell and Nassau Avenues), with the dog show competition starting at 10 a.m. For a small donation, you can register your dog to “strut the doggie runway” and compete for prizes for Most Fashionable, Best Celebrity Look Alike, Best Haircut, Best Trick, and Hippest (Dog that Looks Most Like a Hipster).

More at Bark for Life.

Oatmeal Out Of A Pot On The L Train

The Reddit comments are great:

Doc–Hopper: That’s so hip.

laughingsutra: Saw some hipster girl walking through Bushwick last night with a hunting bow and arrows over her shoulder.

OiScout: I occasionally see this couple, they’ve gotta be 40+, on the L eating breakfast. Fucking cup of noodles and they crush up whatever potato chips they have and put it in there. Sometimes they dunk it.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the L? This guy still takes the cake for us. [via]

New Dumb Ad Campaign: Jesus Is “The Original Hipster”


the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn recently launched ads that speak directly to that borough’s natives in a language they understand—by referring to Jesus as “the original hipster.” The ad doesn’t explain this statement other than to suggest Jesus wore robes and was probably somewhat dirty a lot of the time—also (in a bit of clear revisionism) that he wore Converse sneakers. The point is rather that he was incredibly cool, though not seen by many as such, and certainly misunderstood in his time. There is also no record that he ever actually turned water into PBR. The ads point to the “All Faces” section of diocese’s website, showing the diversity of its worshippers.

Glasslands Offers Summer Pass For Shows (Including FREE Drinks)

From our friends over at Glasslands:

Kick back and picture this Summer: the BBQs, the parks, the lemonade, the never-ending string of concerts, events, and parties.

Leave that last part to us. This limited-run season pass gets you:

– Entry into every Glasslands event this Summer, no matter what price, no matter how full, no funny business

– One free drink every time you stop by

That’s over 120 events, so bring a sleeping bag maybe and settle in for the long haul?

** Very limited run **

Looks like other season passes will be available in the future as well. Get yours here for the steep upfront cost of $225 — although when you do the math, this hip little card ultimately pays for itself if you’re looking to do a show or two a week through the season. Here’s hoping the Popgun boys can make some of that sweet new Williamsburg waterfront property money.

Regular Hipsters Vs Mental Hipsters

This was posted in a London bar’s bathroom. It’s an only slightly exaggerated view of Williamsburg:

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Are You At A Hipster Wedding?

This image from Refinery 29 is pretty dang funny. Click for the larger version.

A Hipster Thanksgiving