Is Crown Heights the ‘new Williamsburg’?


Now that we know the where to find the Williamsburg of other cities, where is Brooklyn’s new Williamsburg? Some say Bushwick. Some say Bed-Stuy. Others say Ridgewood. Curbed went to Crown Heights to talk to some of the locals there, some of whom claim that Crown Heights is actually the new Williamsburg.

Pampered Bushwick hipster gentrifiers wage war on more pampered Bushwick hipster gentrifiers

Rooftop playground at CastleBraid apartments. Photo: Paul Martinka

Rooftop playground at CastleBraid apartments. Photo: Paul Martinka

Seems a group of Bushwick hipsters is angry that they’re getting pushed out by another group of elite hipsters with larger trustfunds. Oh the horror:

The hipsters who settled the Brooklyn neighborhood 10 years ago have declared war on rich kids flocking to new luxury digs on their parents’ dime.

CastleBraid, an upscale rental complex marketed for artists, was adorned last month with crime-scene tape reading “Occupy.”

The “perps’’ were first-generation hipsters calling themselves “Occupy Bushwick.” They say they are “in solidarity” with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

CastleBraid is stacked with amenities designed to appeal to the aspiring hipsters.

“It’s like Neverland over there,” fumed Angelina Dreem, 27, a yoga teacher who’s lived in Bushwick for four years and owns Body Actualized yoga studio across the street from the complex.
“It’s an adult children playground,” Dreem said. “They’re all, like, subsidized.” [Read more…]

Yelp’s Hipster Heat Map


Yelp created one of those heat map thingamajiggies that tracks reviews that use the word ‘hipster.’ No surprise, Williamsburg and Bushwick are looking pretty hot. Anything close to the Ace Hotel looks conspicuously red too. See other cities here.

Chuck Schumer Hung Out At Crown Vic And The Woods With ‘The Williamsburg Hipsters”


From Gothamist

he headed to South 2nd Street Saturday for a beer and a Brooklyn sunset: “Joined my family & the Williamsburg hipsters for a beer [email protected] yesterday. -cs”
Schumer, who was out politicking in Brooklyn today a few blocks from an Anthony Weiner event (Schumer declined to discuss the mayor’s race), also celebrated his father’s 90th birthday at Peter Luger’s last night. Presumably they ended the night at The Woods, with shouty renditions of “Get Lucky” and late-night nachos.

Yes, There’s A (Really Dumb) Hipster Food Tour Of Williamsburg


From their website.

Ever wonder how Brooklyn’s hipsters fit into their 29-inch waisted skinny jeans? Prepare to wonder even more…because after this two hour tour of Williamsburg’s trendiest artisanal eateries, your own pants may become an inch too small. From wood-fired pizza and down home country barbecue to Brooklyn-made wine and walnut brittle, prepare for the hippest food tasting tour on the East Coast! (American Spirits and PBR not included!)

If you ask a hipster what a hipster actually is, they’d probably say something like,”Hipsters can’t be defined because then they’d fit into a category, and thus be too mainstream.” Our definition is hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s with a certain bohemian life situation and lifestyle. Hipsters reject “mainstream” culture but embrace and contribute to independent culture that values independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter! Our tour embodies these qualities and embraces the artisanal renaissance currently in bloom in tragically hip Williamsburg!

If you want to go (aka have no shame) there’s even a groupon. (via Brokelyn)

Citibikes arrive in NYC along with old hipster jokes

EV Grieve spotted this tired joke at the Citibike location on East 2nd street and Avenue B. I’m glad to see Citibike is really putting an effort into their hipster humor. I’d imagine some of their planned Williamsburg cliché taglines include:

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. I’ll race you to the PLAID SHIRT store.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. Citibike is cheaper than buying a FIXIE.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. You still might get hot with all those BEANIES on your head.”

“Williamsbug is only 12 minutes away. Or you could just stay home and shop on ETSY.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. Just enough time to build up an appetite for ARTISANAL CHEESES.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. Don’t try to ride after drinking too much PBR.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. 5 minutes by limo you little TRUST FUND bitch.”


Invasion of the “flipsters”

Photo via NY Times

DNA Info reported today on the complaints of Williamsburg residents on the recent influx of bridge-and-tunnel visitors:

Ever since he moved to North Williamsburg a few years ago, Michael Chandler has lost some of his favorite undiscovered bars to hordes of weekend “flipsters.”

“They’re poser hipsters. They come from the city or from New Jersey to come play hipster for the weekend,” said Chandler, 26, of the term. “There’s some weird touristy draw… All the cool bars that used to be not crowded are now crowded by weekenders.”


“The people who actually live on this block don’t go to these places. I don’t go to the Wythe, I don’t go to Output,” said Wythe Avenue resident Kate, 26, who declined to give her last name but said she’d lived on the stretch for the past two years and was dismayed by the changes.

While I get annoyed by the changing scene, it’s hard not to point out that there has been a Williamsburg for more than 2 years, and change isn’t something new to the neighborhood. The 20-somethings complaining about the changes might be closer to the recent ‘flipsters’ than they are to the Williamsburg residents who came a decade ago in search of community and cheap rent. I do admit it has gotten particularly bro-y as of late, but imagine if popped collars were still a thing? We would have articles about ‘popsters’ and life would be even worse. If I had more time I’d write some bad comparisons to the national immigration debate. What should we do? I hear Mitt Romney needs a job, we could elect him to local goverment and put up a high-tech fence from Kent to Bushwick. via DNA Info


The M-Word


After a drawn out intro by Bob’s Burgers voice John Roberts, Gavin Mcinnes investigates the use of the word ‘Marshmallow‘ to describe hipsters. As the police officer states it is ‘because they’re soft and white.’ Oh well I guess it had been too long since we’d seen Hipster Grifter make an appearance on the internet. Watch below: