Jimmy Kimmel plays “Hipster or Hasidic?” in Williamsburg

hipBrooklyn native Jimmy Kimmel has been filming his show in town all week at BAM. In last night’s episode they went to the streets of Brooklyn for a piece [Read more…]

Sexy Bushwick hipster performing in kiddie pool with milk & honey


It’s a slow news day, so why not. Plus, this mostly SFW thing has 23,725 views thus far. (UPDATE: Not surprisingly, this dumb thing is a NYU viral video project. ha)

From Gothamist:

A friend of mine attended a backyard performance in Bushwick a few days ago, put on by a girl whose name I don’t know. The video is of some kind of interpretive dance—at first she starts off doing a sexy little jig while standing in a kiddie pool full of milk. It progresses to her submerging herself in the pool, speaking gibberish. Then she takes a couple bottles of a milky/honey mixture and proceeds to dump them all over herself. Her audience is dumbfounded. Look at the guy @ 2:12! Her performance is even TOO hipster for him. If bathing in a pool full of milk is part of hipster culture, I want no part of it. She’s pretty hot though. Anyway, thought I’d share.

Watch it below: [Read more…]

Fadmashion Giveaway!


Fadmashion, the New York style collective and boutique celebrating the diverse styles of NYC neighborhoods, is offering an EXCLUSIVE giveaway to YOU, lovely FREEwilliamsburgers! (OK, so this giveaway may be a bit biased…they are a Williamsburg-based start-up so they’ve got a ‘lotta love for us in their heart.)

The coveted giveaway is the (super cute) Fadmashion Nyla Noor El Borne Hipster Clutch (value $300!):

To enter to win this fab clutch:

1. Sign up to Fadmashion between Sept 20 and Nov 1, 2012
2. LIKE the Fadmashion Homepage

The winner will be awarded November 10, 2012. This fetch clutch can be yours for FREE – but only if you enter to win! So enter away, fashionistas, and good luck!

For more stylish pieces and to see what Fadmashion is all about, check out their site. There are 24/7 sales and new arrivals all the time, plus $10 instant credits, and up to $50 credits when your friends join! Happy shopping!

Joe Jonas Hit with Balls at House of Vans Show

c/o Posh24.com

Joe Jonas may have won over your preteen sister, but Williamsburg hipsters are not impressed.

Last Wednesday Jonas opened for Swizz Beatz at PAPER Magazine’s “See No More” party at the House of Vans. According to a report  from the Daily News,

“Jonas did not encounter very much love from the hard-core Williamsburg crowd in their frayed jeans, acid-washed tanks, jean vests and oversize eyeglass frames.

The booing and jeering began as soon as the Disney TV star and his four backup singers took to the stage …

The hostile hipsters didn’t even react when Jonas showed off his newly sculpted torso by taking off his blazer to reveal a tight tank top.”

The crowd of “hardcore” hipsters even went so far as to pelt Jonas and his back up dancers with Nerf basketballs handed out for free at the event.

However; Alexis Swerdloff at PAPER refuted the News’s account, telling Gothamist,

“As someone who was standing in the middle of the crowd during the entire performance, I can say that yes, there were a few balls thrown onto the stage—but they were promotional balls that were being thrown around all night—and that Joe was hardly met with stony silence! Rabid fans lined up around the block hours before the performance and were screaming throughout.”

Whichever version of events you believe, this discrepancy begs the question of whether anyone is actually immune to a teen heartthrob’s puppy dog eyes and choreographed dance moves after all.

the only subway map you will apparently ever need

Leave it to BuzzFeed to be brutally honest (and dead on) on their “Hipster Subway Map.”  Sad but oh so true that it consists of only 4 transit lines: the L, F , JMZ and R trains.   We like the detail at the end of the L that says “You passed out again”… I mean we’ve all been there right?

larger version of the map here

Just Gimme Indie Rock!

Indie rock is such an overused term that defining it and charting the genre’s evolution is almost impossible, but with his new film Just Gimme Indie Rock!: The Story of an Underground Uprising, Brad Katz is attempting to do just that.

Just Gimme will cover indie music history of the past 40 years, from genre pioneers Sonic Youth and Hüsker Dü to current heavy hitters Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. According to the website, the film, “will be the first to connect the dots between divergent eras of indie,” using archival concert footage and “insider” interviews.

For this epic undertaking Katz is relying on support from the fans themselves. Indie loving rockers can donate their funds to a Kickstarter account until August 23. Pledge today, and help preserve indie rock history so that future generations of hipsters can be as pretentious about their obscure music knowledge as the hipsters of today.

Self-Proclaimed Hipster Sets up “Hipster Church” in New York’s Least Hip Neighborhood

Hipster ChurchListen all you godless heathens, your gig is up. Reverand Gage Jung, has gone and set up a church for you. A hip church. Where they hand out Hipster Church wristbands on the street, read the bible on their iphones, and mingle while listening to Arcade Fire and MGMT.

This church is in a Sheraton Hotel in Flushing, Queens.

No word yet on how the Revolution Church, that meets in Pete’s Candy Store, will react, or if we can expect a skinny-jeaned holy war to hit the ‘hood any time soon. But rest assured that, when the rapture comes on Saturday morning you’ll have not one, but two places to run to and repent your sins. Plus side? Should you not get raptured, *both* churches conveniently come with built-in bars.

H/T Daily News

Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra: Hipster Canon Reinterpreted For Civilized Dinner Parties

From the founder and core Jingle Punks member Jared Gutstadt:

It’s a simple concept… We took songs from the American Hipster songbook (MGMT, Strokes, White Stripes) and re-imagined them as arrangements for a civilized dinner party for the transitioning adult Hipster. Introducing – The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra which is our favorite “hipster approved” songs washed through the Mark Mothersbaugh filter.

Put in your requests in comments. We’re hoping to hear some Sleigh Bells or some LCD Soundsystem. Check them out at SOHO House NYC June 12.

“Time To Pretend” – MGMT

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