How did Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick vote?


Greenpoint loves Bernie (c/o NY Times)

Bernie Sanders had the largest support in the city from Greenpoint and Bushwick. Or as the NY Times obnoxiously puts it: “Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont fared best with young gentrifiers in Bushwick and Greenpoint.” South Williamsburg on the other hand loves Ted Cruz. See how the North Brooklyn voted below: [Read more…]

Madonna at Antica Pesa, Julian Casablancas at Tørst: Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s Celebrity Heat Map

Julian Casablancas at Torst

Last week, SXSW began and the resulting exodus from Brooklyn for warmer climates, made nightlife in NY seem a little slow, right? Not too many costume parties, must-see shows or reasons to stand out in the cold were happening. But, where were you this weekend when Madonna and her break dancers cast aside their plates of guancetta and bowls of tortellini al formaggio for an impassioned performance of Music, turning Antica Pesa’s rustic Roman floors into a dance floor?

Did you think to check Julian Casablancas’ Twitter on Sunday? Probably not. But if you had you would’ve seen this. You could have pestered him over a frothy Tørst brew about the new Strokes album, even buying him a pint with the promise that the album would be 1/10th as good as Is This It. North Brooklyn is overflowing with self-important people — and not just Lena Dunham filming Girls — but what about when you want to see the REALLY important people? These four places are on the celebrity heat map in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, and if creeping on celebrities is your game, you may need some hobbies, but be our guest, stalker!

Cringe levels were at an intolerable high upon learning that Brooklyn had been “gooped” by the insufferable Gwyneth Paltrow, for her weekly newsletter. Per Paltrow, Isa’s simple but effective menu and décor are “very cool”, but this is not surprising, as owner Taavo Summer is also responsible for “very cool Freeman and Peels in the city”. Ignoring Paltrow’s poor analogies and reference to Manhattan as “the city”, I will still take the advice of both a friend of Madonna’s and a fellow celebrity when trying to spot other celebrities. Hang around the rustic eatery and dig into the popular grilled skirt steak or Tuscan kale salad while keeping an eye on that sunglasses-wearing figure near the wood-burning stove. She also gives some love to Rye, Parish Hall, Marlow & Sons, and Blanca.

348 Wythe Ave.
New York, NY 11211
(347) 689-3594

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Citing modesty concerns, hipster website removes “sexually suggestive” male images from Sit Room Photo

Sorry folks, we were finding those images of a tense Obama and Biden too scintillating to handle.