Brooklyn Musician Sells More Records Than Heidi Montag

Local recording artist, The Zax, met his long time goal of selling more records that Heidi Montag did in her first week at his aptly named website,— sounds tough, huh? Well, turns out the plastic MTV reality star only sold 658 copies in those first seven days. Ouch.

As of today, The Zax has sold 659 records. And for that, we salute him… it only took him approximately two months.

We caught up with the man behind the campaign via email to figure out, well, what exactly was the point.

What came first- the music or the need to out sell Heidi? The music came first. Released my first record “Sheepshearing” in 2007. My new record is called “LOVE”, been working on it for 2 years in my bedroom in Brooklyn. It’s self produced.

When/where did you first come up with the campaign?
Read on some blog somewhere in like January about Heidi only selling 658 copies of her album in the first week of release. Felt sort of bad about this, but thought it was kind of funny/fitting. The idea for the website hit me ~3 months ago when I was thinking “How the hell am I going to sell any records with no marketing budget.” I remembered “Heidi” and thought it would be a ‘funny’, ‘self-deprecating’ way to maybe market the record. So I bought the domain, pitted myself against Heidi Montag and started blogging about my ‘experience’.

Why do you hate Heidi?
I don’t. Feel bad for her in some ways. I like that she’s putting herself out there, making music and stuff. I respect that. Sort of sad about all the plastic surgery though, thought she was pretty before.

What’s The Zax all about? What’s your mantra?

Why should we buy the record now that you’ve won?
Don’t know. Maybe you’ll actually like it. Seems reasonable.