Where, how often, and with whom are people doing ‘it’ in Bushwick

Infographic by Jacque Medina at Bushwick Daily

Infographic by Jacque Medina/Bushwick Daily

Bushwick Daily has provided a very helpful public service by polling their readers about, what else, SEX! (It is Valentine’s Day after all.)

Turns out 27% of those polled have hooked up in a bar or restaurant bathroom. One person even fessed up to fucking on top of a smashed avocado at Hana Food. Here are a few choice quotes from the article:

“I have slept with a lot of Manhattan men, but Bushwick men have better beards anyway, and what a girl wouldn’t want that extra fluff around her vagina.”

“I’ve hooked up with at least 4 bartenders from the same bar. Hard to remember how many exactly…” [Read more…]

Hana Food to open Bushwick Location

A lot of people like the Angry Owl or the Pippin. Still others are into the Tofu Ruben, the Hana Jiang or even the Nicole, but I know I’m not the only one that gets down on the Shrek. A tofu cutlet, avocado, spinach, and hummus on a roll make this my favorite sandwich at Hana Food, the organic grocery and deli at 534 Metropolitan Avenue. Open 24 hours, with fresh produce, great sandwiches, and (mostly) organic groceries, Hana is a regular stop when getting off the train at Lorimer after work or looking for a late night snack, but it seems there will soon be another option. Hana is opening a second location, this one in Bushwick. According to BushwickBK.com it has been a slow and difficult process opening the new store. James Lee, the man who owns Hana Food, first applied for a certificate to open the store in June. The progress slowed with each new zoning permit and building code inspection, but the store is scheduled to open in the next two weeks, hopefully by Thanksgiving if all goes according to plan.  The new spot will be on Wyckoff Avenue near Starr Street, and will feature a separate wine shop.  What wine would you pair with vegan bacon?