Captured Live at the Northside Festival: GZA at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Justin Little, June 14, 2012
If Wu Tang is in the building you already know what it is! This for me was like the Beatles to a hippie. I grew up on Wu Tang so this was overwhelming for me. I got exactly what I came for. I’ll post some more videos later. Put it this way, him and another Wu Tang member performed “Triumph”. This video is an instant classic for me. I can’t stress this enough, get out and catch some shows this weekend.

Marty Markowitz rapping “Liquid Swords”

At the announcement for this year’s Northside Festival, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz decided it was important to rap the first lines from GZA’s “Liquid Swords.” Pretty cool, Marty.

The Northside festival is June 14-21 and will feature GZA as well as Of Montreal, Starfucker, and a million other bands.