Gwynnett St reopens as Lachlan; plus other recent openings


Following several rough months for Gwynnett St owner Carl McCoy, his restaurant quietly reopened in January as Lachlan. Now, their website is up, they’re getting good reviews, and they are even taking Valentine’s day reservations.

Restaurateur Carl McCoy recently turned his troubled restaurant Gwynnett St. into an affordable gastropub with a menu from Allswell vet Alexis Krisel. In addition to bar snacks and shareable plates, Lachlan serves hearty dishes like braised short ribs with polenta, gemelli pasta with mushrooms, and a fried chicken sandwich. So far, early diners are digging the new menu and the cocktail program.

For more information about Lachlan visit our listings. And as always, stay up-to-date on other recent restaurant openings (1 Knickerbocker, El,Born, and Bunna) here.

Williamsburg restaurant updates: Gwynnett St and Parish Hall kick the bucket, Egg to expand


Following legal problems and the loss of a chef, Gwynnet St is now Lachan:

In a statement about the change, the Lachlan team notes: “We are immensely proud of what we accomplished these last two years and extremely grateful of the support we received from our customers, press and staff. However, we have decided to take our restaurant in a different direction and will continue with our tradition of great cuisine and cocktail program.” Brunch is slated to launch next week, and the website notes: “Take away available, please call us with your order.”

A reader sends along a picture of the new signage (above) and a hypothesis about the name: “Based on a quick Google search, I’m guessing the Lachlan name comes from Lachlan McIntosh, the man who got into a dispute and killed Button Gwinnett (one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence).” So, Gwynnett’s dead, and Lachlan lives.

Eater has the Lachan menu posted, which includes Gwynnet St’s wonderful whiskey bread. [Read more…]

Gwynnett St update – limited menu after drug trafficking allegations

Carl Francius McCoy c/o Daily News

Carl Francius McCoy c/o Daily News

Roads and Kingdoms visited Gwynnett Street over the holiday, which reopened with a limited menu. The popular restaurant was forced to close temporarily after owner Carl McCoy was accused of drug trafficking by Homeland Security officials:

On Dec. 27, McCoy reopened the restaurant, basically the bar and the sandwich menu. He does not want it to die. “We’ve had a good run,” he told me, explaining that he and his business partner were coming up with contingencies to keep the place going in the face of the impending legal journey ahead of him.

I had given Carl a big hug when I walked into the restaurant the day after it reopened. It was Carl whom I saw almost every time I visited Gwynnett St. and so he was the face of one of my favorite places in the city. His warmth and hospitality were inseparable from the experience of Gwynnett St.

McCoy’s former chef, Owen Clark is without a restaurant home, but is currently the guest chef at Contra: [Read more…]

Gwynnet St Twitter: “This is some Onion shit” & Carl McCoy responds to accusations

Gwynnett St

Gwynnett St

Following yesterday’s accusations of drug trafficking, this was posted on Gwynnett St’s Twitter:

Today, Gwynnett St’s Carl McCoy spoke to Eater about the accusations: [Read more…]

Owner of our favorite Williamsburg restaurant busted for allegedly trafficking Molly

Carl Francius McCoy c/o Daily News

Carl Francius McCoy of Gwynnett St, c/o Daily News

Well this sucks! No word on the future of Gwynnett St:

The proprietor of celebrated Williamsburg restaurant Gwynnett St. was arrested this week for allegedly playing the middle man in an overseas drug trafficking deal, and was set free on bail after turning his alleged partner in to the feds. Alas, Man cannot live on Pete Wells’s praise alone. [Read more…]

Only Two North Brooklyn Restaurants On Eater’s Essential New York Restaurants List

Only Roberta’s and Diner made the cut. Seems crazy to ignore Gwynnett St. on Graham Avenue. Plus, we love Diner, but is it really essential? Eater thinks so:

The specials are the dishes to order at Diner (and yes, the servers still write them down on the table). Right now, chef de cuisine Ken Wiss is turning out inventive plates of Italian-influenced American fare, but you can always get the excellent burger and a serious steak, too. In terms of atmosphere, food, and value, Diner is one of North Brooklyn’s best restaurants.

What do you think they missed?

BBQ Blow Out (5 Year Anniversary Celebration) with Gwynnett St

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Gwynnett St. Gets A Rave in The Times

The latest Graham Ave. joint, Gwynnett St (which features a chef who formerly worked at WD-50) just got an adoring review:

Mr. Hilbert’s style of cuisine is not yet common in this pocket of Williamsburg. In fact, cooking this sophisticated would be a find anywhere in New York.

And while it is a restaurant in Brooklyn, Gwynnett St. is not really a Brooklyn restaurant. There are no butchers’ tools hanging from reclaimed barn doors. Under the eye of Carl McCoy, the proprietor, the dining room staff is calmly professional, utterly free of pretense and attitude. Nobody is the least bit likely to pull up a chair and offer to show you pictures of the sauerkraut the chef is currently fermenting inside a pair of Red Wing boots.

With Sel de Mer and Mesa Coyoacan just blocks away, Graham Ave is becoming an essential destination for fine cuisine. Even if we miss Motorino.