85.8% of Greenpointers doing it bareback


Because, duh, doing it with a condom totally ruins the sensation.

When you’re out at the bar, or at the club, or at the dance party trying to get your goose fed, do you keep in mind that you should wrap that shit up? Be honest, this is a safe space. Also, we know you’re lying if you said that of course you do, because the Department of Health’s Community Health Survey for 2012 just released some numbers, and 68.2% of the whole city said they didn’t use a condom when they last had sex. The leader of the pack? Greenpoint, where a staggering 85.8% of people decide to throw caution to the wind.

Now, we suppose we could cut some slack here, and account for married people and people in committed relationships who have a different form of birth control. But still, 85% Greenpoint? And you don’t want people to think that your neighborhood is basically just a real-life version Girls? You weren’t all just waiting for the free magnum-sized condoms, were you? Don’t forget, science claims it feels just as good to have sex with a condom. What are you, better than science?

Come on people, PUT A FUCKING CONDOM ON.

Budin opened today in Greenpoint Little Scandinavia


Budin – 114 Greenpoint Ave.

The Viking invasion continues. First there were the Scandinavian Torst and Luksus, followed by Dirck the Norseman, Konditori and Aska. (Ok, Aska is technically on the border of Greenpoint). Now, Budin is open, serving up its own blend of “high-end Scandinavian roasts“:

The $7 latte is here. The Nordic coffeehouse Budin opens this morning in Greenpoint, vending a variety of high-end Scandinavian roasts, including a licorice latte that retails for seven bucks.

“It’s the same thing as specialty beer or wine tasting,” said Budin co-owner Crystal Pei of his cafe’s high-end selection. “It’s a niche people are getting into.”

Not all of Budin’s brews are so expensive. Average joes can get a regular cup of joe for $2. But the fancy Scandinavian roasts from names renowned among the coffee cognoscenti — including Tim Wendelboe from Norway, Coppe from Sweden, and Drop Coffee, also from Sweden — are pricey. Pei says it is worth the money.

“Their roast is lighter and the flavor profile is different,” said Pei, of the northern European varieties.

More at budin-nyc.com.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion playing Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Sat


Oh and Team Spirit is playing there tonite. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they released a covers record: [Read more…]

East River Ferry ramp collapses in Greenpoint


We’re just glad no one was hurt! That said, those ramps always feel pretty precarious, even when there’s good weather.

About 10 people had crossed the India Street ramp less than a minute before the collapse, she said. No one was injured, but riders were shaken.

“It was definitely scary,” Lief said.

The ferry service, owned by New York Waterways, issued an alert shortly after to tell commuters service at Greenpoint terminal was shut down. It’s still not clear what caused the gangway to fall, a spokesman told the Daily News.

“East River Ferry service to and from the Greenpoint Pier is suspended until further notice as we continue to assess the cause of a gangway that detached this morning,” the company said in an e-mailed statement. “A team of engineers will be sent to investigate the cause and repairs will be made as soon as possible.”

Valentine’s Day market in Greenpoint this Sunday


Greenpointers’ holiday market was fantastic, especially since the annual 3rd Ward market es no mas. This one, scheduled for Sunday Feb. 9 looks great too, provided we don’t have a snowpocalypse bearing down upon us:

Greenpointers Valentine’s Market on Sunday February 9, 2014 from 1-7pm at Greenpoint Loft (67 West St, 5th Fl) – take the elevator up. Stairs are an option, too.

Serving: Brooklyn Brewery & Mulled Wine (Dandelion Wine + Greenpoint Trading Co.), Cafe Grumpy Coffee, Adelina’s Rice Balls, Cafecito Bogotá Empanadas & Ovenly Cookies – ALL on responsibly made Susty Party supplies!


Activities: FREE Love Letter Writing by Brooklyn Craft Company, FREE Couples Astrology Readings by Sidereal Signs, FREE Photo Booth by MAROfoto, FREE Nail Art by @Peenk!, FREE Massages by [email protected]

RSVP on their Facebook page.

El Born – a new Tapas joint is now open in Greenpoint

El Born credit: Eater

El Born, credit: Eater

And no, we didn’t say “topless.” From Eater:

A few weeks ago, restaurateur Elena Manich and chef Diego Gonzalez opened El Born, a contemporary Spanish restaurant on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. Gonzalez, formerly of Socaratt Paella Bar, has put together a tapas menu that’s heavy on the vegetable dishes, but you’ll also find lamb chops, foie gras with quince, quail with chocolate, and crispy rabbit. El Born is now open for dinner, and the team hopes to kick off lunch and brunch soon.

Greenpointers paid them a visit too: [Read more…]

Yes, Vogue did a Girls guide to Greenpoint

lena-dunham-vogue-cover-photoshop-ctrHere are some highlights:

Go to Ramona when “your college boyfriend announces he’s gay”

Café Grumpy is “where you can peck away at your literary masterpiece on your MacBook Pro while hoping to meet a hot divorced doctor with a brownstone.”

Peter Pan donuts “when you realize you’ve married a jerk or to eat on a mind-numbingly long road trip”

Paulie Gees when “you have divorce-settlement money to burn” [Read more…]

Five North Brooklyn bars with fireplaces

Fireplace at Crown Victoria (photo: crownvicbar.com)

Fireplace at Crown Victoria (photo: crownvicbar.com)

On nights with a low in the single digits, it’s best to drink libations next to a glowing fire. Below is a roundup of local establishments that can keep your hands warm and your beer frosty.

Two Door Tavern
116 N 5th St

With a mouth-watering menu and a kitchen open ‘til 2 a.m., Two Door Tavern is a cozy spot to shake the snow off and fuel up. The bar has a vintage feel and food and drink specials every night of the week to keep you coming back.

33 Nassau Ave

Brats, beer and board games- the trifecta for an awesome beer garden. Need I say more? [Read more…]