Compost is making Greenpoint even more smelly

In a neighborhood that already smells like sanitation half the time, the city has upped the stank ante by spearheading a composting pilot program in Greenpoint. Most people that we’ve talked to in Greenpoint love that we can compost now, but think pick-ups need to be more than once a week. Especially on weeks like this one when rotting meat plus intense summer heat are creating an olfactory nightmare:

Walking down Guernsey Street, you can barely breathe through your nose due to the stench, Baker reported. And neighbors say the brown bins for composting are not working – Baker found one that was not securely closed, and had maggots spilling out. [Read more…]

Carmine’s Original Pizza in Greenpoint is closing


via Greenpointers

Thankfully, he’s not getting pushed out by a BMW dealership or a greedy landlord. That said, Carmine’s will still be missed:

Carmine Notaro was born in Italy but came to the U.S. in 1967. He opened up his famous pizzeria in 1981 and has been in business ever since. [Read more…]

The North Brooklyn real estate shit show a.k.a. are you kidding me though? 5/14/15


Bye bye Bazaar. Sad news, y’all: no more Brooklyn Night Bazaar.  They have until the end of the month at their 165 Banker location. In the realm of cool Brooklyn shit closing down, this one hits a little too close to home for me. Actually, it hits right next door. I live, literally, next door to the Bazaar. And I kinda liked it. I mean, they put on some good shows once in a while and it’s always been free with food and drinks and videogames and local vendors and it was always over by 1am, which, for a grumpy old neighbor like me, was awesome. I even went down in my pajamas one night, had a glass of wine, checked out the band, and went back to bed. Kudos!

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Disappointed Vincent Van Gogh spotted on the G train

vangoghIf you time traveled over 100 years into the future and ended up on the G train wouldn’t you be a little bummed out? A [Read more…]

The Williamsburg real estate shit show aka are you kidding me though?


Welcome to the first installment of The Williamsburg Real Estate Shit Show! Here I’ll do my best to update y’all on the insanity that has griped our neighborhood’s real estate market… insider tips, write to apsmithnyc at gmail thanks!

Studio B is for sale. Er, rather, the studio formerly known as Studio B? Back in 2006 Studio B came on the block hosting rock shows and dance parties and roller derbys and did pretty well for a few years, until the neighborhood got together and shut it down…

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Eleven33 Development Connects New Residents with Local Greenpoint Community



Eleven33, a new 210-unit residential development located along Greenpoint’s main thoroughfare of Manhattan Avenue, began welcoming residents earlier this year, and has rolled out the “MyDomain” program to help support and grow local businesses while adding value for tenants. The initiative takes its name from The Domain Companies, Eleven33’s developers, and has engaged more than 40 local businesses to provide exclusive incentives to residents, with new discounts and rewards being added regularly.

Businesses that have signed on with MyDomain include Brooklyn-based restaurants and bars, cafés, fitness studios, and services such as pet grooming, housekeeping, health and beauty, financial, transportation, and more. The building’s 8,000 square feet of retail space will also be filled by local businesses offering residents direct access and rewards. [Read more…]

13 manholes exploded in Greenpoint this morning near Norman Ave.

manholeIf exploding manhole covers weren’t already on your list of NYC fears (yes that same list that includes falling air conditioning units in the summer), here’s thirteen more reasons to add it [Read more…]

Video: Here’s what the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront looked like in 1992

williamsburg1992Check out this short video that was recently uploaded to YouTube by photographer Roland Andrijauskas of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront in 1992. The clip shows the rawness of the early 90’s waterfront (try to ignore the weird alien transmissions in the audio) when the twin towers were visible behind smoke stacks. Watch below:


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