Williamsburg Is A Borough, According To Amtrak

arrive magazine

As a few blogs are pointing out today, an article in the January/February issue of Arrive, Amtrak’s “onboard magazine for business and leisure travelers,” refers to Williamsburg as a borough. It thinks SoHo and Harlem are boroughs too.

“Forget Williamsburg or Soho,” the article states in big print. “New Yorkers are taking notice of Harlem’s new restaurants, cultural landmarks and neighborhood vibe. Now’s the time to (re) visit one of the city’s most exciting boroughs.”

The article’s writer, Jason Clampet, is from Hoboken. Come on!

Watch Steve Duncan Illegally Wade Through Bushwick’s 19th Century Sewers

In case you haven’t heard of Steve Duncan, he’s a “guerilla” historian and photographer who has made a name for himself exploring parts of New York City that you probably didn’t even know existed. In the latest installment of his Undercity documentary series with filmmaker Andrew Wonder, Duncan hops over a barbed wire fence, pries open a manhole, and climbs down to the ancient sewage extension tunnels below Bushwick.

Well, the tunnels aren’t quite “ancient,” but they date back to the bygone days before brunch at Northeast Kingdom and whiskey shots at Tandem, before Brooklyn was even a part of New York City. In the 1880s when the sewer extension was built below Knickerbocker St., the area was known for its breweries. The tunnels carried wastewater from the breweries to the East River, Duncan explains in the clip, ankle deep in (clean) sewage water.

The whole outing is illegal, but Duncan provides a special view into our historic city. More on Gothamist.

Endless Summer Taco Truck Still Missing in Action

Has everyone else been missing the Endless Summer taco truck as much as we have?  While its only been a week since the truck mysteriously disappeared it feels like years since we’ve salsa verde’d ourself into a mid afternoon coma and  let’s just say that the void left on Bedford and Metropolitan is almost as big as the one left in our hearts.  Not really but, we certainly have  been wondering, What gives? But now,  thanks to some very astute investigatory journalism from Gothamist, we are finally getting some answers.  Gothamist’s hunt went as such:

“…we called up the number on their website, which according to our caller I.D. connects to Riker’s Island!…Even more disconcerting, an email to the Endless Summer got what seemed to be an auto-reply of ‘Transmission failure.’ But further sleuthing turned up a Twitter account connected to Endless Summer explaining that this wasn’t an e-mail transmission failure but an actual, you know, vehicular transmission failure thingy…A representative of Endless Summer tells us the bummer isn’t endless, but guesstimates that it will “probably be another 10 days” before the truck returns. They’re currently ‘taking the opportunity to pimp out some things and have a vacay.’…”

Pimp away Endless Summer friends, but don’t be gone too long, those taco’s won’t drunkenly eat themselves over a trash can on a Tuesday night.