Book a last minute ticket to Tulum for this great music festival


Our former music editor, Nisia, moved to Tulum, Mexico (yes, we’re jealous too). She’s helping to produce a pretty awesome showcase for NYE. Grab a last minute ticket and bask in some sunlight:

AURORA invites you to rise into the New Year for the first incarnation of a musical tradition that is sure to be as luminous and magnetic as the atmospheric phenomenon bearing the same name.


Tickets and more information here.

Essex's Son Visits CMJ

If you’ve been listening to more ambient and electronic styles of music lately, Gold Panda‘s name pops up pretty often. Having seen this man hit the decks at Field Day in London this past summer, I will say that you are in for a huge treat. Below is his full schedule. Do not miss.

18 AOL Spinner show (streamed live at 8.30pm, EST) – invite only
21 Pitchfork Showcase, 9.00pm, 61 Wythe Avenue, Brklyn
22 Webster Hall w/Fourtet show 7.00pm, Webster Hall, 156 Ludlow St
23 Fixed party , TBC (evening show) 70 N 6th Street, Brklyn
23 Urban Outfitters (daytime event, TBC 12-6) Soho Store, 575 Broadway, NYC