Gnocchi del 29

Gnocchi del 29 is a culinary and art event around the 29th of each month to build community and celebrate abundance and prosperity, partially by eating a shitload of homemade gnocchi made by the host, Patricia Buraschi.

The coming March Gnocchi del 29 is a collaboration with the Goddamn Cobras and featuring photographs by their very own Molly Brolin. The series, “Forever Young,” is one part road trip, one part soft core porn. For the photo-inclined out there, it’s more risque than Robert Frank, but not as naked as Ryan McGinley.

The event will be hosted at Brooklyn Brainery this Saturday at 7pm. For 15 bucks you get a full gnocchi dinner, complete with wine and dessert (vegan chocolate truffles provided by Woodside Bakehouse). Its a small space so RSVP here to get in: Gnocchi del 29 + Goddamn Cobras featuring Photography by Molly Brolin

Goddamn Western pre-teaser teaser

What did you do last summer? Write, shoot and produce your own Western in California? No? Not even a little? That’s too bad.

Apparently, my friends at the Brooklyn creative collective Goddamn Cobras had something better to do than get drinks from the Turkey’s Nest and then lounge in the park. They shot a short in Ojai, Ca in four days with a budget of…$0. Here is there teaser to the preview.

A Goddamn Western PreTeaser from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.

The whole shebang is due this summer. Hopefully its as as great as this clip.

Via Goddamn Cobras

A Year at Rooftop Farms!

Food, drinks, live music and an 8pm auction to raise funds for our friends at Evolutionary Organics, whose barn just burned down. A year’s worth of photos from the farm will be on display.

Sponsors include Brooklyn Brewery, Evolutionary Organics, the Goddamn Cobras, Red Jacket Orchards, and musical by Two Lost Turkeys.

Conveniently right off the G’s Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop!

Icing 2.0?

Who would have thought last summer when shooting this one shot bonanza that we were predicting and, some might say, trumping a beverage trend that wouldn’t happen for another year. Icing? Pffh. I would be more worried about getting Tecate Bukkaked.

Tecate Bukkake from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.

A gender studies graduate student could definitely write a dissertation about the possibility of feminine empowerment via a typically male dominated substance as demonstrated in this video.