Hustler Made A XXX Porn Parody Of Girls: “This Ain’t Girls XXX”

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In the XXX parody, Hannah (Alex Chance) decides to forsake men, and boyfriend Adam, to experiment with lesbianism. After a few satisfying jaunts she returns to Adam — and mankind.

Adam accepts her back into the fold, but, true to the original show, adds a dominant and quirky dimension to the scene.

“[Adam’s] like, ‘OK, then crawl to my fucking bed,” Calhoun said, explaining how the action begins.

The ensuing sex involves mild BDSM with a sprinkling of strange: In addition to dirty talk and rough sex, Adam uses a candy ballgag attached to a stretchy cord to direct Hannah’s face towards him.

The parody also features Kris Slater and Adriana Chechik in supporting roles.

According to Calhoun, Canterbury captures the tone and voice of the show, and Hannah in particular, calling it “provocative” and “very well written.”

He also mentioned that, due to the show’s frequent sexual themes, “They didn’t have to do much” but roll with the original script and extend the intercourse scenes.

Girls Recap: If Keira Knightley Was Lena Dunham

Last night, HBO premiered its depraved comedy about life in New York’s outer boroughs, Girls — a show as insidious and hotly anticipated as a sexually transmitted disease. Think: Sex and the City for ugly people with a fat chick named Hannah (played by the show’s writer and director, [Keira Knightley]). New York Post.

Everything men hate about the show Girls I mostly hate, too. The complexities of young women trying to find their voice, who they are, and their intertwined friendships — blah, blah, ugh, give me a tampon and a pineapple drink in a martini glass. Esquire.

[There are] five separate instances of [Keira Knightley’s] breasts in one episode. Five… seriously, pack the breasts in. Seriously. Collider.

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Ever feel like life in the big frantic city is just too much? Are you a twenty-something young woman seeking fame, fortune, love or even a hookup with potential? How do you get from here to there when you can’t even get a seat on the L train! Come to a casting call with our Emmy-winning production company and tell us your dreams and woes, your highs and lows, your tales of *** in the city and the outrageous opportunities that have come your way. Is your circle of friends bound together by not just the parties, fights, and brunches but frequent bouts of commiserating over your struggles? It isn’t easy taking the road less travelled, but making it as a writer, designer, entrepreneur, actress/model or glorified dog walker never is!

The real life television show we are making follows the trials and tribulations of an ensemble of wise-beyond-their-years young ladies. We are with you living the dream in hipster Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Only well educated and cultured extroverts need apply. Are you thinking about that show—”Girls?” Well we didn’t say it but. . that you mention it.

(Hat Tip Brokelyn)

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