Yep, That’s Girl Talk’s Cat Singing Collective Soul

From Pitchfork:

At first, we were all like “oh haha look at this funny video of this cat ‘singing’ Collective Soul’s ‘Shine’.” But then Girl Talk’s publicist confirmed that yes, it actually is Gillis’ own pet cat in the video. Which brings it to a whole other level of awesome.

Mishka Presents A Trillwave Mixtape; Unifies Hip Hop and Hipster

As the rain poured down outside my window, I started to get super bummed. I know the hot weather is lame too and we’ve all been complaining, but summer time is designed specifically to make you sweat. So as my melodramatic depression sunk in, along came Mishka with this “trillwave” mixtape to get me through.

The Hood Internet may be putting the hip hop in hipster, hitting all the spots that Girl Talk just can’t reach, by mixing some unexpected tracks– Ice Cube x CFCF, Birdman x Washed Out, Jay Electronica x Toro y Moi, what!? It’ll definitely get you ready to shake your ass in a lo-fi kind of way… whatever that means.

[h/t Behold the Destroyer]

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