PSA: Save the Hipsters

We were trying to ignore this video, but now that Gothamist picked up the story and it specifically references Williamsburg…

Also, that’s a rather large bag of coke, hobo hipster. Dayum.

The Hood Rep According to NabeWise

Image c/o NabeWise Media

NabeWise is a pretty cool website dedicated to the online exploration of various neighborhoods throughout the country.  The sharing of local experiences combined with basic neighborhood data such as school ratings, real estate values, photos, videos, etc. allow people to find their perfect life-space from the safety of a computer screen…like a little nerdy, nomadic Goldilocks.

But what is specifically intriguing is NabeWise users’ takes on our own home sweet home, which is divided in three sections –  Williamsburg, East Williamsburg and South Williamsburg. Here are some highlights illustrating slightly arbitrary distinctions and affiliations (i.e., East Williamsburg includes what many would proudly call Bushwick):

Nabe Reputation: lists the tags attributed to a neighborhood by NabeWise users; the bold italicized are funny

  • Williamsburg: cool, filthy, hazardous waste, Jewish, McCarren Park, musicians, trendy, Williamsburg Bridge, young, aggressively ironic, artsy, dives, gritty, hipster, indie, ironic, pbr, too skinny jeans
  • East Williamsburg: great graffiti, hipster, hipster families, industrial, more affordable than Williamsburg, Motorino, new condos, White Castle
  • South Williamsburg: Hasidic, Hispanic, JMZ trains, Jewish, diner, hazardous waste, L Train, McCarren Park, old breweries, Puerto Rican, trust fund, great food, indie, lofts, White Castle

High and Low Rankings: depicts the NabeWise calculations in various sectors

  • Williamsburg ranks…
    • #2 Hipsters
    • #3 Trendy
    • #5 Singles
  • East Williamsburg ranks…
    • #1 Hipsters
    • #3 Industrial
    • #7 Artists / Creatives
  • South Williamsburg ranks…
    • #1 Gays/Lesbians
    • #3 Hipsters
    • #5 Beautiful People

If you’re interested, also check out [HIGH CRIME!] Bushwick, [No Good Subways] Greenpoint and [Real New York] Bedstuy.

DIY Tours

Now, being broke in New York ain’t easy, especially when you lack any real marketable services.  But, one of our neighbors came up with the brilliant idea of putting our one common – err – talent –  to use.  Namely, making people do things we want to do.  

image c/o Craigslist

Post is rather vague, no? What exactly does a “tour for people who normally hate tours” entail?   

Rob Zombie Woolite Commercial

Dominatrix in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park

A reader sent this one to us and all we can say is, what the fuck? The best part is watching the guy in the orange shirt react.

Australians Make The Best Beer Commercial Ever

Never heard of it before, but after seeing this, I really want an Hahn Beer.

Almost As Entertaining As “Friday”

Live version after the jump.

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This is what Warren G is doing now

Selling boner pills, apparently!

In case you’re too young to remember Mr. G…. here’s a history lesson:

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