Jian Sword Dancing

This makes us happy. If you’ve already seen it, shut up, we know it’s been out for a few weeks.

More information about Jian Sword Dancing here.


“It’s a tiny little plastic container, but it somehow still takes 3 hours to eat.”

Trailer: Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Tears in Heaven: Official Music Video

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Kitten Covers

Clearly this is why the internet exists.

Dance your Ph.D. thesis

Human-Based Percussion and Self-Similarity Detection in Electroacoustic Music from Anderson Mills on Vimeo.

Geeky Gold:

Every year, intrepid Ph.D. students face off in a high-stakes competition for honor, glory, and the intermingling of science and art. The goal: Dance your Ph.D. thesis….

The dissertation research began with a two-choice, forced-interval experiment in which 29 humans were asked to rate isolated sounds from most to least percussive. The sound characteristic of rise time was found to be the most correlated with percussion of the characteristics tested. The experiment is represented in the dance by the first two interactions between Alain and Shiny, during which Shiny expresses his inability to correctly choose the stronger percussion sound.

… The final stage of the dissertation research was to use the detection algorithm with real-world music to discover self-similarity in the percussion patterns. By using auto-correlation analysis, the detection algorithm can be used to time the repetition and near repetition in music percussion. Shiny demonstrates the self-similarity of the music by several final repetitve dance moves, repeating appropriately at the time scale of beats, measures, and phrases.



Woman Is Addicted To Her Pillow

Clearly this is must-see TV: