Amazing Intros to Forgotten ’70s TV Shows

Future Cop

Bigfoot and Wildboy

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2013 Preview: Next Year’s Summer Movies

Via The Morning News

With blockbusters like Snow White and the Huntsman, Zombie Overkill, and Yahtzee: Alien Invasion, it’s already a smash hit for summer movies. But serious film buffs know Summer 2012 will be even better—and we’re not just talking about Jerry Bruckheimer’s live-action Hungry Hungry Hippo Apocalypse.

Justice League Avengers: Manchild Uprising
DC and Marvel Comics unite for the first time on the big screen. When an army of middle-aged men in Iron Man T-shirts storm the Justice League to avenge the heresy of merging the two comic book universes, heroes from DC and Marvel team up to protect superherokind. In addition to Aquaman, Superman, and Captain America, Justice League Avengers will feature less familiar superheroes such as Bolphunga, Cicada, King Tut, Poundcakes, Thundarr, Valerie Van Haaften, Ferret Boy, and the Green Juggalo. (Cameos by the Hulk, Thor, and Zach Galifianakis.)

Margot Tenenbaum vs. Max Fischer
In the tradition of Alien vs. Predator, director Wes Anderson plots Margot and Max—his two most memorable twee creations—in an epic battle to see who can be the most adorably precious. Early teasers hint at plotlines including a Trapper Keeper, a Bunsen burner, an extinct bird known as the Slender-Billed Curlew, alphabet refrigerator magnets, and Bill Murray in a tweed suit. With fonts including Rotis Semi Serif and Berthold Light Condensed Italic. Music by Sufjan Stevens and Crocheted Lampshade.

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Lightbulb-Eating Magician Arrested for Robbing Brooklyn Banks

From The New York Times:

A self-described magician and escapist who once set a record for eating a household light bulb in fewer than 34 seconds was arrested and charged with committing a string of Brooklyn bank robberies.

Being a magician doesn’t guarantee you’ll be any good at robbing banks. This particular bank robber, Robert J. Williams, 22, also holds the record for eating a light bulb at an incredible speed (33.86 seconds, as per – truly a man of many talents. Perhaps he thought he could get away with these robberies by eating the cash, or making it magically vanish? Whatever the case, he was arrested Wednesday, June 6. Brooklyn banks are now safe from the magical robber.

Fake Menus Handed Out at GoogaMooga – AKA The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Week

Fucked in Park Slope posted these fake menus handed out at GoogaMooga and somehow all seems right with the world now.

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Great Punk Cassettes Featuring Huey Lewis!


Watch: Tyler The Creator Hosts Punk’d

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Look at them Beans!

They just don’t write songs about beans anymore. Video after the jump.

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Improv Everywhere On April Fools Day: Quadruplets