Grand Victory is closing, Secret Project Robot is moving

Grand Victory

Grand Victory

Another day, another round of shutdowns. This time, its Williamsburg’s Grand Victory:

Since the cat has been let out of the bag I’ll make it official. [Read more...]

Other Music skit from 2006(ish) with Aziz Ansari


In case you hadn’t heard the depressing news, Other Music is closing:

As sales of physical music continue to plummet, a no-frills independent record store makes increasingly less sense as a business: Other Music will shut its doors and mail-order service on June 25, more than 20 years after its debut in this once artistically vibrant neighborhood. (Other Music Recording Co., a label associated with the store since 2012, will continue.) [Read more...]

Greenpoint will soon have its own BMW-owned, tech-brotastic, start-up incubator / “world class” restaurant / asshat palace



As we reported last year, the space that used to host the Brooklyn Night Bazaar was purchased by BMW.  As details emerge about what BMW plans to do with the 23,000 square-foot warehouse, we’re beginning to think an automotive showroom would’ve been preferable. Reporters talked to the designer, Nate Pinsley, about the space and it sounds, well, just horrible. As DNA reports, its going to be called A/D/O — awkward shorthand  for the already-pretentious Amalgamated Drawing Office — and it will be a “place for design professionals to work, develop and play.” Ugh. You just know there’s going to be skateboard racks. Gothamist has more:

In fact, the BMW-owned MINI is building a 23,000 square-foot restaurant / retail design store / co-working space that the company hopes will become a “hotbed for future ideas and innovation.”
It’s called Amalgamated Drawing Office, which is “an homage to the team that designed the first MINI,” according to Nate Pinsley, ADO’s managing director. The warehouse’s renovations are being designed by nARCHITECTS and ADO is scheduled to open late this summer. [Read more...]

Brooklyn Brewery looking to leave Williamsbug, “our ability to renew [the lease] is zero”


With monstrosities like this moving in next door, we’re not surprised they can’t compete. From Crain’s:

Brooklyn Brewery is looking at the Navy Yard and Industry City as a potential spot for its brewing operations. The firm has been searching for space in the borough to relocate its manufacturing facilities there.

The brewery, famous for its namesake lager, currently has space in Williamsburg. According to Eric Ottaway, the company’s chief operating officer and general manager, it is searching for as much as 60,000 square feet. [Read more...]

The Living Room is closing at the end of the year

living room

Music venue and bar The Living Room has announced they will be closing down this month. The venue had [Read more...]

Nita Nita covered in caution tape reading “Gentrification In Progress”

Photo via Eric Silver for Gothamist

Photo via Eric Silver for Gothamist

Brooklyn bar Nita Nita closed this weekend due to an unfortunate tripling of their rent by their landlord. Some cheeky caution taped has since appeared on the outside of the bar reading [Read more...]

It’s official: Bedford Ave rents are the most expensive in all of Brooklyn


Rents are averaging $350 per square foot! Wow. That explains all the beautiful, shiny, Kinfolk aliens inhabiting the area.

Asking rents on of the northern section of Bedford Avenue in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn led the 15 corridors featured in the Real Estate Board of New York’s first-ever retail report focused on the borough. The average asking rent along Bedford Avenue between Grand and North 12th Streets, one of the bustling thoroughfares in the neighborhood, was $347 per square foot in the third quarter of 2015. [Read more...]

Williamsburg home prices have increased by 269% in the past decade

increaseUnsurprising news of the week: Williamsburg home prices have gone up a whole lot in the past ten years. As shown in the image above via PropertyShark, Williamsburg is up 269% from 2004-2014 and Greenpoint is up a meager 92%. From TheRealDeal:

Talk about gentrification. Home prices in some of the city’s neighborhoods have not just climbed over the last decade, they’ve blasted off, landed on Mars and found water.

Average prices for condos, co-ops, and single- and two-family homes in Williamsburg climbed from $275 to $1,015 per square foot between 2004 and 2014, which, after adjusting for inflation, amounts to a positively-shocking 269 percent increase