Tequila and Art This Friday at REVERSE

This week, the REVERSE art space in Williamsburg is celebrating its inaugural exhibition, Uncharted Waters, with an event on Friday, April 12th at 7pm. The event will feature new work by emerging and established artists. Herradura Tequila will provide cocktails.

REVERSE also participates in “EVERY 2:ND,” a recurring event on the second Friday of each month when local art spaces and galleries stay open until 9pm. The monthly events “showcase cutting-edge exhibitions, performances and conceptual soirees,” a REVERSE organizer tells FREEwilliamsburg.

REVERSE is at 28 Frost Street, ground floor. Press release after the jump. [Read more...]

Opening Tonight: Nature is Ancient at The Yard

Meg Wachter

Inspired by the sounds of Björk, Meg Wachter brings the Icelandic landscape to photographic life in Nature is Ancient, a hyperballad of big time sensuality in hidden places, somewhere between human behavior and pagan poetry. Did you get all those greatest hit references? Did you? When she’s not trekking along mountains and volcanoes, Wachter has one hand in Brooklyn Skillshare and the other in Got a Girl Crush. Don’t miss tonight’s vespertine (!) reception at The Yard, from 6-9pm; if you can’t make it, take a peek at photos from her visit here.


Looking Up: Skyward at The Boiler

Kevin Cooley: Skyward at The Boiler

When my alarm goes off, I immediately think: “Still winter. What would Louis CK do?” I figure I can order a pizza at 7:00am, Hour of Darkness that it is, and swim in a combination of shame/disgust, but I stick to a milder routine: mumble some made-up obscenity, wave a middle finger in the general direction of my window, and stare at my economy-sized container of Vitamin D supplements, all while mopping up an endless stream of poisonous, pitch-black tears. What I’m getting at is this: Stop crying and pack up your sun lamp, ‘cause this seasonal affective garbage is almost over.

Before we push the clocks forward, though, there’s Kevin Cooley’s Skyward at The Boiler and its blue stretch of surreal Los Angeles sky. The video installation—a single tracking shot that starts downtown and takes us to Palos Verdes—plays 40 feet above a plot of artificial turf, where you can sprawl out like a stargazer—like you’re kicking back in a convertible—and make the misanthropic monstrosity of MTA rush hour take a backseat. And that’s nice, isn’t it?—trading out underground asphyxiation for something kinder to human maladjustment? Something that doesn’t involve a subterranean stranger shaking down your idea of personal space and breathing so hard on you that he must think you’ll cut him a check with a dollar amount that matches MPH? Yeah, that’s nice.

What’s also nice is a prescription of airplanes, palm trees, freeways, and feathered creatures.  Here’s to temporary teleportation—to daydreams of Malibu Barbie and Ryan Gosling, ca. 2011. Through March 17.

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This weekend: go see some art!

What are you doing this weekend? Why not go see some art shows?

A piece from "SeenoEvil..." opening at Factory Fresh on Friday

Friday Night: At FactoryFresh the crazy/weird/surreal show “seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” is opening – featuring work by Jeremiah Maddock, Daniel Trocchio and Amanda Wong. All three are showing crazy hypnotic and colorful pieces, ranging from drawings to paintings to video.

And then, Saturday! Artist-run gallery Pandemic is opening their latest show,”Split Personality,” with a Pabst-Blue-Ribbon sponsored party. Split Personality is the first solo show by Laos-born artist Vilaykorn Sayaphet and features work split between two sides – an impressionist/painterly body of work and a more serious collection of illustrations.

seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” opens Friday September 24 from 7-10pm, and is running from September 24-October 24 at Factory Fresh, at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop.

Split Personality opens on Saturday, September 25th, 2010, from 7-11 PM, and runs through October 10th at Pandemic Gallery, on 37 Broadway (between Wythe and Kent) off the Marcy stop on the J/M/Z.

A piece from the Split Personality show opening Saturday night at Pandemic

Tonight: Art Opening at Little Skips

Little Skips, a recent addition to the Bushwick coffee house landscape, opens its fourth art show tonight with a collection of works grouped around the theme “Beauties & Beauty”. Local artists Camille Altay, Canyon Castator, Eric C. Holmes and Ray Jones examine “the elegance of an everyday stance, a mystery that lies in nature’s sexuality, the magical powers of the open airs… [and] the intricacies of deforming facial expressions” through painting and illustration.

Little Skips
941 Willoughby Ave.
7 – 11pm

TONIGHT: Opening at K&K Gallery


Tonight, K&K Gallery (109 Broadway) mulls over the passage of time and the effects our technological reliance has on our perception of it through George Underwood’s large format prints. The New York City-based photographer explores his surroundings, examining a time and place that seems familiar and even vital, but could pass into the realm of the forgotten as easily as your Friendster account. Luckily there’s free beer from 7:00-10:00pm to ease you into the realization of the transient nature of life.

"100 Records" by Sonny Smith

This show has actually been up for a bit, but I just got around to seeing it. Do yourself a favor and check it out before it’s gone in a few days.

100 Records is the culmination of a massive year long project by artist and musician Sonny Smith, front man of the group Sonny & The Sunsets. Smith invited 100 artists to produce 100 7” record covers for fictional bands. Smith concocted the personas of these fictitious bands, then wrote and recorded one hundred songs to correspond with each 7” record. Recording with his band The Sunsets, as well as with members of notable bands such as the Sandwitches, Fresh N Only’s, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and the Kelley Stoltz Band, each record stands on its own as a solid piece of music and spans a wide range from pop, concept ideas, spoken word, instrumentals, surf, garage, folk and rock n roll.

103 Havemeyer st.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Wed-Sun 1-7pm

August 12th – September 5th 2010


Animal Sex Lives and Videotape

When you think of the Flatiron District, its wholesale shopping, its long surpassed skyscrapers still reaching heavenward, rarely would you have had occasion to consider the morality of homosexual dolphins, the predatory instincts of bears, or to ponder the reproductive imperative of ants. But thanks to the Museum of Sex‘s latest exhibit “Sex Life of Animals” you may find yourself doing just that.

It begins innocently enough: slightly flirtatious manner, revealing clothing, subtle innuendo. In 15 minutes though we are in an orgy in Death Valley, fondling naked Realdolls, watching Looners erotically busting balloons, Gainers suggestively eat cake, engrossed in Robot reproduction, we are watching Pam and Tommy do, what we imagine Pam and Tommy do, in just another 5 minutes we are lost, like foreign tourists, asking directions on our own sexual road-map.

Our minds think back to simpler times. I was 16, she was 18, it was a cool summer’s night, we were in love. Flickering candlelight cast long foreboding shadows against the back wall as we undressed. Cruelly, ridiculously, she played Madonna’s greatest hits as we lay together, forever coupling my first time with “Like a Virgin.”

Such innocence has no place here, not the Museum of Sex, not in modern New York, when the Puritans set sail from Plymouth covered head-to-toe in frilly knickers, wide-brimmed hats and God’s honest truth, one imagines that this compendium of kink is exactly what they were fleeing.

Laid out across three floors, the MOS covers everything we wanted to know about sex but never knew to ask, Jungle Quest anyone? Film, photography, art, politics, disease, contraception, it flicks between erotic ‘how-to’s’ to parental ‘don’t-do’s’.

Ever wanted to be wrapped like a thanksgiving Turkey, apple in mouth, legs bound to your body, then stuffed in a mock oven? Maybe Cannibal play is for you. Ever wanted to dress up like a frontier pioneer and ride your mate like a Blackpool pony? Ponyplay, I’m just saying. Ever wanted to dress head-to-toe in latex like a living doll? Ok now that’s just strange. Ever wanted to dress up in leather gimp gear and have mock-doctors inject an obscene, leg-crossing quantity of fluid directly into your scrotum? Medical play is just a google away.

[Some images after the jump are mildly NSFW]

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