Should the MTA connect the G train to the J/M/Z?

gtrain2With the L train tunnel repairs potentially coming in late 2018, the MTA has some major decisions to make. Whether the L train is shut down all at once, only on weekends, or half of the tunnel at a time, there are going to be many New Yorkers looking for new ways to get between North Brooklyn and Manhattan. Cartographer [Read more...]

Man struck by G train at Nassau Avenue station

Digital CameraEarly this morning a man was seriously injured after being hit by a G train at the Nassau Avenue stop. From [Read more...]

The G train derailed last night


It happened north of the  Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. Thankfully there were no serious injuries. From the MTA:

At 10:34 p.m, the front axle (first two wheels) of the head car of a Church Av-bound G train derailed 700 feet north of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts station. Approximately 80 customers were safely walked through the 4-car train and the tunnel to the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts station. FDNY reports that one customer complained of dizziness and two others were being evaluated at an area hospital for minor injuries.” The agency is also investigating the cause of the derailment.

Here’s a firsthand account via Gothamist:

Some flustered MTA workers boarded the train, but refused to answer any questions about what happened. It was pretty clear we were off the rails – the wall was disconcertingly close to the right side windows. People started to get sweaty and anxious, but mainly the atmosphere was chill. [Read more...]

Disappointed Vincent Van Gogh spotted on the G train

vangoghIf you time traveled over 100 years into the future and ended up on the G train wouldn’t you be a little bummed out? A [Read more...]

“G Is Back” : The Screenplay

Digital CameraIn honor of the G train’s return to North Brooklyn, Kevin D’Angelo has written a 2 page screen play about its return. Read [Read more...]

People actually prefer the shuttle to the G train

credit: Greenpointers

credit: Greenpointers

We griped and griped, but many commuters actually preferred the shuttle to taking the awful G train. Enjoy it while it lasts. Service resumes on Tuesday:

“It’s faster,” said George Huarotte, 22, who works in Greenpoint. “I prefer the shuttle.”

“The shuttle is always there,” said Tiffany Elisca, 25, who also works in Greenpoint. “And it’s free.”

The G train has been shut down between the Nassau Avenue and Court Square stops since July 25 to allow workers to make “extended repairs” after 3 million gallons of salt water flooded the line during Sandy, according to the MTA… [Read more...]

Uber offering a free ride for commuters f*cked by the G


We’re saving this for a sweaty day:

Whether you’re a weekday commuter, Greenpoint or LIC resident, or frequent neighborhood visitor, we’re sending some Uber Love your way for the next five weeks. While the MTA does their thing, we’re here to bridge the gap with one free transfer between the Nassau Av and Court Sq G train stops.

Enter promo code FREETRANSFER – Then ride anywhere between the Nassau Av and Court Sq stops from July 25 through August 31 and get one free trip (up to $30)

In other commuter news, thankfully, the ferry is back too!

Greenpoint ferry may not be ready tomorrow after all


G trains stop going to Queens tomorrow at midnight…. FOR FIVE WEEKS. Adding insult to injury, hopes that the ferry would be up and running are more and more unlikely:

The city said earlier this month that the India Street pier would be repaired by the time G service ends for five weeks while crews repair Hurricane Sandy damage to the tube under Newtown Creek, but work on the dock that collapsed into the East River in February is still not done and Greenpointers are feeling the transit squeeze.

“Our options are getting a bit scarce,” said Kendall Kipnas, who lives near the Nassau Avenue stop and usually takes the G into Queens to catch the 7 to work in Manhattan. “This might be pretty miserable.”

One local elected official said he is waiting for the ferry to resume service just like everyone else.

“With the G train outage two days away, anything less than full service before the outage is unacceptable,” said state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D–Greenpoint). “The ferry has become a part of Greenpointers’ and northern Brooklynites’ daily life, and it must be treated as such, especially with the outage looming.” [Read more...]