Future Islands went on David Letterman yesterday to perform new song “The Chase”


Letterman’s favorite band returned to his show last night with a new song, dedicating the performance to their home town, Baltimore.

“This song goes out to the people of Baltimore,” their lead singer Samuel T. Herring said. “Let us not discount their voices.”
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Review: Future Islands spoiled, uplifted Terminal 5


As their secret set during Death By Audio’s final week was well worth the freezing cold wait around the block, so too was the freezing cold walk to Terminal 5 for Future Island’s second sold out show this past Friday. The sheer charisma and dedication of the band, specifically lead singer Samuel T Herring, is astounding. And while following such an intimate, emotional show at Death By Audio should be a difficult feat, Future Islands really only one-upped themselves. These guys have been playing together for 8 years and the emotion they still bring to their live show is uncanny.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


5) !!! at Union Pool
While dance punk faded as fast you’d expect something called dance punk to fade, a few solid bands survived the fallout, including !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk), who recently announced an impromptu four-night stand at Union Pool. Saturday marks the close of that run, and is a must-see for any music fan reared on print Spin’s psychotically grinning post-08 optimism, but Union Pool’s back room (still a source of confusion for the ultra-faded masses, I think) offers the additional cache with good sound, a cool setting, and an intimate cap. If you got sold out of Future Islands, here’s your backup plan.

Saturday, doors at 9pm

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FREEwilliamsburg’s Top 25 Albums of 2014

Photo via BK Mag

2014 will be a year bookended by loss in Williamsburg. When 285 Kent closed its doors in January, it was like a shotgun blast through the heart of the local music community. While it was true that Williamsburg had been condofying for years, and spots like Monster Island, Secret Project Robot, Zebulon and Galapagos had been long shuttered, it was first of the area’s “last stand” to fall. Death By Audio followed months later, and in a little more than a week, Glasslands will follow to close out the year.

“DIY” in Williamsburg may be a dead concept, but it’s important to remember that independent music venues are always transient. It’s particularly depressing that everything closed in the blink of an eye, but there are still lots of venues keeping it real in and around Williamsburg. Times change and places close, but great music never goes away, and the twenty-five albums below prove that.

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Future Islands are the undisputed champions of indie rock

futureislandsFar too many words have been written about the idiocy of “indie rock” as a genre, but most would concede to the term’s utility in defining acts as varied as Vampire Weekend and Deerhunter over the past decade or so. Such broad-scoped categorization is as trite and banal as “alternative rock” was in the mid-to-late nineties, and it comes with little surprise that “indie rock” has reached the same lifeless level of corporate co-option that alleged “left-of-the-dial” rock did twenty years ago.

Pitchfork’s Ian Cohen was spot on when he wrote that  “Animal Collective’s 2012 album Centipede Hz clearly signaled the end of an indie rock era.” That was two years ago. These days, it’s pretty hard to get behind a lot of the bands that the so called “indie machine” pumps out, but if there’s one broadly-defined “indie rock band” who’s rightfully earned their spot on the indie-major, best new music, late-night talk show circuit, it’s Future Islands, who performed to a packed house at House of Vans this past week.

People reportedly started lining up as early as 3 p.m. for the free with RSVP show, and many were turned away as the skatepark cum-venue reached capacity about fifteen minutes after doors opened at 7:00. Not bad for an old Thrill Jockey band who used to play Death By Audio every year, eh? [Read more…]

Video: Future Islands, Omar Souleyman and Operators at House of Vans

Last night was the penultimate House of Vans show of 2014. Headliner Future Islands brought out the devoted fans and they delivered an energized performance that demonstrated why their live shows have become viral YouTube hits. Frontman Samuel T. Herring had the crowd moving with his bizarro dance moves and schizophrenic Death Metal-Morrissey-Elton John vocals. (No sign of David Letterman in the crowd, unfortunately.) Next week, Holy Ghost!, Kim Ann Foxmann, and Dave P close out the House of Vans shows for 2014.

Here’s video from Future Islands, Omar Souleyman, Operators, and Mas Ysa:

Future Islands

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Future Islands, Black Lips, Holy Ghost! and more announced for free Vans House Parties

houseofvansIt’s quite the day for free shows. Just this morning, we shared the July dates for Union Pool’s Summer Thunder series, which includes shows from The Men, Widowspeak and Ex-Cult. Now we’ve got the July and August House of Vans bills for ya, and they’re maybe even more impressive. The new dates feature headlining shows from Future Islands, The Black Lips (with Nightbirds!), Holy Ghost! and the Gorilla Biscuits. You’ll need to RSVP to each show for entry. Check out the full lineups below.

Vans House Parties Schedule:

6/12 – Charles Bradley, Mac Demarco, Benjamin Booker – (Sold-Out)
6/19 – STRFKR, Poolside, Chrome Sparks – (Sold-Out)
7/3 – The Black Lips, Nightbirds, Special Guest
7/10 – Gorilla Biscuits, The Bouncing Souls, Special Guest
8/7 – Future Islands with Omar Souleyman, and Mas Ysa
8/14 – Holy Ghost!, Kim Ann Foxmann, Dave P

Future Islands Unveil “Balance” Video, We All Swoon

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably still got Future Islands last album playing on repeat — and luckily for all of us, Thrill Jockey will be bringing us the Baltimore synth-pop trio’s newest, On The Water, on October 11th.

To visually capture these heart-breaking and simultaneously soothing tunes is our good friend and previous Future Islands music video director, Jay Buim, who takes us on a stroll through what feels like endless summer in some of New Jersey’s hidden gems. So go ahead, play it over and over and over again until you get mad at your make-believe boyfriend for not pushing you around in a shopping cart and gently sweeping the hair out of your eyes. Oh, is that just me? Le sigh.

Future Islands – Balance from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Check out Buim’s video for “Tin Man” after the jump and, since he’s a man of many talents, be sure to swing on by Good Company this Saturday to get a taste of the this one half of Rude Dudes’ DJ skillz.

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