Kitty vs. Kitty

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Because we know how much you love funny cat videos, we present you with this gem. Enjoy!

Hipster NYC Bicyclists Appear on Judge Judy

Two tattoo’d NYC bike messengers went before Judge Judy to argue over a lost (or stolen & sold) bicycle. This clip has all the important markings — flannels, tattoos, fire, a “friend’s band,” the internet, custom bikes, and fashionable hair. It truly is the biggest thing to hit our judicial system.
The Plaintiff, Christopher Villanella, believes his former roommate John Foraker sold his custom bicycle for money. The bike was built by Velo Brooklyn (1342 Dekalb Avenue), and he paid almost $2,000 for it.
The banter between Judge Judy and her Bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd about bicycle prices is a particular highlight. Watch the whole clip after the jump.

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Don't Feed The Hipsters [ART]

“Don’t Feed The Hipsters” – Trustocorp’s newest, spotted in McCarren Park.

The Elusive Hipster Break-Up Text

We can judge the sender of this message all we want, but I will admit… I have had thoughts like this before. I dated a guy once who admittedly said that he had never read a book– so let’s take that into consideration in the comments as we bash the ‘hipster scumbag’ responsible for this kind of insensitivity.
But still, a text message!? Ouch.
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Rosanna Scotto Joins The New York Local News Blooper Hall of Fame

This is the funniest thing we’ve heard on the local news since Ernie Anastos told the Fox 5 weatherman to “keep fucking that chicken.” Rosanna Scotto is our new hero.

Other local news highlights after the jump:

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The Curb Your Enthusiasm Porno

I’m not sure there was a big demand for this, but here it is: (Kinda NSFW) [via]

Grand Ferry Park Now Home to Free Stand-up Comedy Shows; First is Sunday @ 5:30 UPDATED

This Next Sunday, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Grand Ferry Park will be home to Comedy in the Park, the first of at least three free stand-up comedy shows on the Williamsburg waterfront this summer.
Host Paul Marino hopes the combination of a beautiful location, funny & diverse line-up, proximity to Bedford, and the fact that it’s a free show, will lead to an awesome new outdoor comedy series. We hope it works out!
The Parks Department granted permits for the first three shows and are awaiting to see how things go before making a decision on continuing the series. If these three go well, we might have a summer-long stand-up series right there on the waterfront. Curious how things would work out with the Jelly Pool Parties, but we could imagine some kind of merging of the two at some point down the line.
All Marino needs now, he writes, “is a big crowd to cheer when I ask, ‘Now how many of you want Comedy in the Park to do a comedy show like this every week?'”
This week’s show is headlined by Dan St. Germain, and will feature Jeffrey Joseph, Freddy Sheffield, Jay Welsh, Mike Recine, Heather Fink, Stephen Mark, Edward Dominguez, and a possible appearance by Joel Runnels. Music’s by DJ Sureshot.
Update: Marino writes to say the event has been canceled to due rain. It’ll be on next sunday however, so save le date.

Willie Nelson High On Larry King