Weekend Music

LSD Trippple Nippples by trippplenippples

Oh my, this track is insane. The band is called Trippple Nippples, that’s right with triple ppp’s, and come to us from Tokyo, Japan. Trippple Nippples were recently featured in a documentary by Pharrell Williams called Tokyo Rising, and have just released this new single, entitled “LSD.” As one could imagine, their live shows seem to be insane, so here is to hoping they make their way to Brooklyn. For now, I can only hope to have half the fun this Friday as these people…


Introducing the Only ‘Friday’ Cover That Matters, As Performed by ‘Bob Dylan’

New York City’s own Mike Bauer recorded a fantastic cover of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ in his spot-on impersonation of a very internet-savvy Bob Dylan. Forget all those other covers out there–even Black’s original. This is the end-all, be-all of the ‘Friday’ party anthems.

Watch/listen to this awesomeness:

Side note: the ever-present Web Sheriff almost took this gem from our earballs, internet. Bauer had to have a little chat with the notorious internet copyright enforcer, who conceded it was all a misunderstanding. Yesterday afternoon, Bauer tweeted, “It was all a mix up, and the video is back up!” Forever, hopefully. ‘Cause it’s Fun. Fun, fun, fun. Lookin’ forward to the weekend.