Captured live: The Original Marta live @ Bar Matchless

I swung by Bar Matchless to catch Plantlife Music’s showcase this past Friday. The first band I saw was called The Original Marta. I was definitely entertained. Good thing the lead guitarist had like a zillion guitars. Things could of gotten really crappy really quickly with all the string breaking. But even during the minute or two wait in between working out the technical PMS, they were quite witty so my A.D.D didn’t get a chance to kick in. Great set guys. Way to be prepared!

PS: I was wondering, by Plantlife Music does that mean your stoners or lizards? Maybe a hippie lizard?


World Premeire: Hollis Brown – Cold City

A lot has changed since the last time I saw the band Hollis Brown (4/24/2011). They sort of had this face melting, southern rock sound to them. They were really good at what they did. Their stage presence was out of control. I don’t know if life has pointed them into a new light or some hearts have been broken or what. But I feel like their new sound is what’s shaping them into an amazing band.

Now don’t chew my head off, but the first time I listened to this new track "Cold City" yesterday, It gave me the same tingly sensation I got in my feet the first time I listened to The Black Keys. Judge for yourself and let me know what you think. Shot right in our backyard, here is the world premeire of Hollis Brown’s new video Cold City. The video sort of reminds me of the beginning of “How to Make It in America” once it gets going. Enjoy!

via: blaqbook

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PHOTO GALLERY: FREEwilliamsburg + Spin Magazine Holiday Party @ Death By Audio

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Bulletin Board

That other Williamsburg board has been down forever. Are they coming back? We’re not sure. But we do know that we have a shiny new board of our own now that needs some love. Head over and post away. We’ll be giving away a pair of free tickets to see Keepaway at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday June 27th. (More information to come about this amazing show!) Sign up for our board and we’ll be picking a winner at random next week.


Keepaway – “Yellow Wings”

The New FREEwilly: Hello WordPress

ye olde FREEwilliamsburg

We had a good run with MovableType — which we’ve been using since 2003 — but the time has come to move to the greener meta pastures of WordPress. The WordPress website informs us that “WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.” FREEwilliamsburg has always been a state-of-the-art blog with a focus on aesthetics, so migrating to WordPress seemed like a good idea.

What does this mean for you, the user. Well, obviously things look purtier (thanks Teen Wolf) but we’ve also improved our listings. They’d admittedly gotten a tad stale. Now you can check out all the latest bar and restaurant news in one place at You can also search for restaurants and bars without leaving our home page (see left column). We have a new food and drink editor Fiona Goldstein, so let her know if we’ve missed any spots.

Next, we now have a Bulletin Board, where you can search for an apartment, rant about bike lanes and beards, or talk to other like-minded pervs about sexual relations.

Most importantly, the site will operate better. Your comments will actually load and pages will appear more quickly.

We’re still testing things out, so let us know if you see any bugs.

Thanks for being patient, the future has arrived. And as always, let us know what you think in comments!

FREEwilliamsburg headquarters

FREEwilliamsburg headquarters