FREE Show: Death + Taxes Presents Suckers, Javelin & Lemonade… and FREE PBR

Not only do you have awesome plans tonight, you now have equally awesome plans for the following night! RSVP here to check out Suckers, Javelin and Lemonade at Santos Party House tomorrow brought to us by Death + Taxes and vitamin water, as well as FREE beer from none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And, like all free events, we suggest you get there early to avoid any possible shitshow at the door!!

The World’s First Perfect Zine Release Party

Tomorrow night, come out and celebrate the launch of The World’s First Perfect Zine — the brainchild of David Shapiro a.k.a. Mr. Pitchfork Reviews Reviews — with The World’s First Perfect Party hosted by Tumblr at Other Music.

And what makes a perfect party, you ask? Free booze, for starters, as well as DJ sets by zine contributors Victor Vazquez of Das Racist, Tao Lin and Jenna Wortham of the NY Times.

Shapiro also notes that the zine will have a password-protected Tumblr of supplemental content (photos, interviews, stories) which you’ll have access to by ordering your copy of the limited edition print of The World’s First Perfect Zine… or by solving the below riddle:

What is the first name of the girlfriend of the director in the only 9-minute official music video (presently unavailable in the United States due to copyright issues) by the band whose original guitarist’s older brother was previously in a band whose two other members went on to form a band whose most recent album’s first single prominently features a sample from a song by a now-defunct band whose percussionist is named John Braddock, nicknamed “Dutch”?

Click here for more info about the zine and its contributors (including members of the Brooklyn buzz band hall of fame, filmmaker Lena Dunham and Thought Catalog‘s golden boy, Ryan O’Connell). See y’allz at the party, where the FREEdubs crew will be perfectly drunk!

Argentine Collective MONDONGO Art Opening Tonight, And Many More

It happens around this time every year– dozens of art galleries ring in the fall season by effectively creating massive art-walks (read: booze and crazy people), and tonight has a lengthy list of choices.

One good one is DUMBO’s Bose Pacia gallery, hosting an opening reception for its exhibit Material Witness, featuring LA artist Bari Kumar and Buenos Aires collective MONDONGO (whose mixed-media works incorporate all different kinds of materials into large-scale pieces with multiple layers and various historical contexts).