Ponce Funeral Home: A Short Story by a "Failing Fiction Writer," Craigslist Poster and Part-Time Mover

Frankie Leone is a 25-year-old native New Yorker who lives in a graffiti-covered warehouse building “in the center of all the beautiful new ones” on Kent Avenue.

He writes fiction, but what he’s most passionate about are his interpretations of his own experiences with women — the best of which he saves for Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

That’s where I found him, the author behind a well-written listing titled, “I’m the incompetent workman you hired a month or two ago.” I told him we’d like to publish a piece on FREEwilliamsburg. He said he’d be honored.

“I’m simultaneously horribly ashamed and sickeningly proud that I’ve done this before,” Frankie told us. “Fucked up with women terribly, captured it in text, and posted it on missed connections.”

He admitted he never thought anything would come from posting them on Craigslist but the entertainment he gets “reading the judgement/commentary of strangers and masturbating my warped romantic ideals.”

Here’s “Ponce Funeral Home”:

“Ponce Funeral Home” by Frankie Leone

You can find Frankie on Facebook or MySpace. He runs Nice Moves Movers, a small moving business that’s gotten some local internet interest because of a flyer. They’re on Yelp, where they’re said to be, “Very sweet personable guys. Easy to coordinate with, easy to talk to. Handled my stuff with care, perk is they were cute.”