Dog Parker invades Brooklyn

via Dog Parker

via Dog Parker

As if Brooklyn wasn’t already the most dog-friendly borough in New York City—it’s about to become even more so. Enter Dog Parker. [Read more…]

Brooklyn’s own restaurant week kicks off this March


This is good news for everyone in Brooklyn—because who doesn’t love food? And deals? Beginning on Monday, March 20th through Thursday, March 27 Dine in Brooklyn will showcase the borough’s unique and varied flavors and cuisines with over (so far) 60 participating restaurants. Prix fixe dinners will run $28 (not including tax or gratuity) as well as $15 lunch and $12 brunch at a handful of eateries according to the event’s website. [Read more…]

The Truck Project

No, it’s not that old Chevy your uncle has in his garage.  It’s mobile theater right here in Brooklyn, and they’re taking the show on the road. Touring the East coast, eventually planning to perform at the New Orleans Fringe Festival, Jean Ann Douglass and Eric Meyer are kicking off their trip Nov. 4-9 with shows each night in a different Brooklyn neighborhood.  The idea behind the project is a theater that moves from place to place. An unassuming moving van is actually a stage for installation and performance.   They use the back of a Budget Rental Truck and set up the “theater” to suit each piece, changing the interior, rearranging seating, and shaping the entire experience around the play, and well, the truck. From their website:

For each work, the truck interior is transformed into a dynamic playing space, based on the needs of each piece. As much an installation as it is performance, one show creates a vaudeville theater…another is performed in a barren, dark space where all audience members are led to their seats with flashlights. Each configuration of the truck can seat 20-35 people, and several short works are performed in repertory each evening.”

The Truck Project is looking for donations to fund the tour, but buying a ticket for the Brooklyn shows will help too. With limited seating, you should get yours here soon.  The Brooklyn showings feature a play about the inner workings of Amy Winehouse’s mind called “Not Winehouse” and the aforementioned vaudevillian production “The Backroad Homeshow.” The weekend of the performances, try to save any free parking spots you see around town until a moving van drives up.

The Truck Project Kickstarter Video from Jean Ann Douglass on Vimeo.