Gothamist Puts Williamsburg’s The Bagel Store At The Top of Their ‘Best Of’ List

And they are correct. The Bagel Store is amazing!

Williamsburg almost lost this little Bedford Avenue gem when a rent increase pushed owner Scott Rossillo out of his North 3rd Street Space. Thankfully, Rossillo just moved his operation down to the Southside, and they’re still cranking out hot handmade bagels for morning commuters there, and at a second outpost on Metropolitan Avenue. The Bagel Store’s perhaps best known for their specialty limited-edition bagels: seasonal offerings include spinach artichoke ($2 per bagel), sun-dried tomato ($2), banana ($1.75) and bacon-egg-and-cheese ($2.50). They also offer vegan bacon egg and cheese bagels on request, plus themed ones like a red velvet Valentine’s Day bagel in the shape of a heart ($2) and a Mardi Gras french toast bagel with extra sprinkled sugar ($1.50). Now we’ve seen everything!

Take baking classes at Momofuku Milk Bar

At Momofuku Milk Bar’s Williamsburg location (382 Metropolitan Ave) you can now learn to create their amazing treats yourself. Dessert legend Christina Tosi and her staff will teach and bake through the entire Milk Bar cookbook starting February 14th. Already scheduled classes include Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookies, Crack Pie, Blueberry & Cream cookies and more. Spots for the $50 2-hour classes are going quickly but you can sign up for the remaining dates here, and be on the lookout for new class announcements soon.

Eating in the Burg


Welcome to February. There are only two acceptable reasons to ever leave the house in this most bitter of months: to eat, drink and then return home to sleep the pain away. Seamless, GrubHub and crew have made it almost too easy to receive sustenance, survive the winter, and never see another living soul again. But until a booze delivery service is developed or HBO is purchased, trips to the outside world are a must. Allow these five new players to hit the Brooklyn food scene to woo you out of your self-imposed hibernation, with promises of pizza, poutine, chicken and waffles and braised beef cheeks.

Was I the only local woefully unaware that Kinfolk Studios hosts a rotation of seasonal restaurants? Aska, a Scandinavian creation boasting dumplings, Scandinavian-style hot dog and an assortment of stomach-filling fare, is operating in the same locale you’ve spent a Saturday night sipping Japanese beer and feeling slightly discomfited by interpretive dancing. Indulge in the $65 tasting menu and enjoy earthy fare beginning with fried pike skin, followed by an assortment of root vegetables and locally-sourced seafood, until finally arriving at the restaurant’s crown jewel: the deboned pork trotter. Wash down the hearty meal with a cider or a quick injection of Aquavit, and you’ll forget you have to walk home all the way from Wythe Ave.

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Paulie Gee’s Latest Pie: Sake Mountain Way

Sake Mountain Way

Greenpointers recently announced a contest to see who could name Paulie Gee’s latest pie – a pizza that replaces vodka sauce with a sauce made from sake. They came up with some great suggestions — The Akira Kurosake, Land of the Rising Dough, Greenpointzilla — but Paulie seems to prefer classic rock names like In Ricotta Da Vita and Grapeful Dead. Here’s what he told Greenpointers:

“We are going to go with a name suggested by our busser Jake. It will be called Sake Mountain Way, a take off on the Joe Walsh song Rocky Mountain Way. Jake was inspired by whomever suggested Sake Balboa, so whomever suggested that is the winner.”

We love Paulie Gee’s and can’t wait to try it.

Fortunately, Paulie’s looking to name another pie:

inspired by my favorite calzone. Fresh mootz, sliced Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, a touch of fresh basil and post-oven ricotta dollops.

Any ideas? Go leave your suggestions at Greenpointers.

Speaking of Paulie Gee’s… he’s opening shop in Baltimore!

No. 7 Subs Brings One-of-a-Kind Sandwich Combinations to Greenpoint

No. 7 Sub in Greenpoint

Fried zucchini, pickled jalapenos and barbecue chips tucked under a blanket of fontina and smashed between two thick crusty slices of Caputo Bakery-fresh bread. I fell in love with No. 7 Subs on a warm September day in McCarren Park, when a friend celebrated her birthday and the end of summer with a picnic lunch. The sub was complimented perfectly with another Greenpoint/North Williamsburg staple: that lethal combination of tequila and substances unknown concealed in Styrofoam and identified as a Turkey’s Nest “margarita”. Be it the potency of the pickled jalapenos or the near-incoherence courtesy of my beverage, No. 7 Subs was immediately crowned the best sandwich I’d ever eaten.

No.7 subs is the offshoot of Chef Tyler Kord’s Fort Greene-based, No. 7, an eclectic, old-world style bistro serving up Asian and Eastern-European inspired comfort food a few steps from the Lafayette Avenue subway stop. With dishes from the double-decker broccoli tacos, crammed with peanuts and feta, to the double cheeseburger, topped with Swiss cheese or velveeta, it’s not a stretch to see wherein the inspiration for these savory sandwiches lies.

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“Dinner With Friends” Series at the Wythe Hotel To Host Guest Chefs

Reynard’s Andrew Tarlow on the dinner series (via Eater):

Some of the thought behind this was obviously that having a hotel, we can attract our friends and have them stay with us for a week. It’s the idea of cooking with friends and inviting them to our home. We’re trying to offer up an experience that you can’t get in New York.

We’re thinking about doing it monthly, and doing a series of like four to six of them, and then we’ll take a little break and figure out how we want to do it after that.” He plans to eventually host acclaimed chefs from outside the country. Reservations for the first three dinners can be made by calling 718-460-800

Here’s the menu for the first three events:

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The Water Table: New England-style Tavern and Dinner Boat Coming to Greenpoint


The Water Table is Brooklyn’s very first dinner boat! Founded by Captain Kelli Farwell, formally of Rye, Dumont, Craft and Gramercy Tavern, it’s a New England style restaurant on the water. For a fixed price, guests of The Water Table will enjoy a three-hour cruise originating at one of the many new piers opening in Greenpoint, and a selection of two of our classic dishes, such as lobster rolls, oysters on the half shell, clam chowder, and delicious veggies, whipped up by our on-board chef. Enjoy classic craft cocktails mixed by our bartender, or try one of our selection of amazing New England craft beers or seasonal wine selections.

While Captain Farwell steams the boat around New York Harbor, you’ll be enjoying quality food and drinks, and drifting away with the gorgeous views of the city that we all love. Grab a date or some friends to join one of two nightly dinner tours!

They need some help launching this thing. Find out how you can help (and win free dinners) here.

Tørst: Craft Beer Bar With Scandinavian-influenced Fare (Coming Soon to Greenpoint)

Greenpoint is becoming an essential stop for beer snobs. We’re looking forward to this opening from Momofuku alum Daniel Burns!

Before working as the head of research and development for the Momofuku restaurants, chef Daniel Burns cooked at The Fat Duck in England, and he built and ran the pastry program at Noma in Copenhagen. Somewhere along the way, he connected with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, an acclaimed Danish brewer who has created beer for some of the world’s best restaurants. Now Daniel and Jeppe are teaming up to open a new Brooklyn project that they hope will be the best beer bar in the country.

The bar is called Tørst (the Danish word for “thirst”), and it will open at 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, just around the corner from the Nassau Avenue G-train station.Jeppe is curating the beer list, which will feature about 20 beers on tap. Jeppe owns both a brewing company, Evil Twin Brewing, and a beer distribution company, so he has deep connections in the world of European craft beer. The menu is still a work in progress, but expect a few selections that have never been served before in the United States. The bar will also have a special beer storage system, where the ales will be kept at different temperatures — serious beer nerd stuff.

In addition to the barroom up front, the space will also have a 25-seat restaurant in the back called Luksus (the Danish word for “luxury”) where Burns will serve a menu of Scandinavian-influenced American fare, all paired with beer. Burns notes: “We want to focus on food that will go well with the beer.” The restaurant will open a few months after the bar up front