The Bagel Store declares 2014 “Year of the ‘Cragel Bagel’”

"Cragel" from The Bagel Store

“Cragel” from The Bagel Store

2013 brought you the Cronut and the Ramen Burger, and now the delicious combo madness continues. The never ending food fusions trend marches on with the “cragel” making its public debut this past weekend at The Bagel Store. The shop first introduced the concoction to VIPs last fall and is now spreading the hot, flaky goodness with all.

You can get your carb-loving hands on this “50 percent croissant, 50 percent bagel and 100 percent delicious” creation on Bedford or Metropolitan Avenue for $2.95 each. Or stop by both locations if you need to round up a dozen (limit 6 per customer). Shipping is also available nationwide.

Meat Hook sandwich shop opening on Lorimer

themeathookThe founders of Meat Hook butcher shop in Williamsburg are going to be opening a sandwich counterpart next to Gimme! Coffee on Lorimer Street (between Powers and Grand Street). From [Read more…]

Updated: Our favorite places to eat in North Brooklyn 2013



There have been dozens of openings in recent months, and sadly some closings as well. (We miss you Dressler). Many new Bushwick restaurants even got mentions in the latest Michelin guide. With all this local activity, it was time to update out Best Restaurants guide. Here are our favorite Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick restaurants, Fall 2013 edition.

Kingsland Bar: Now Open in Williamsburg



Remember back in 2009, when Chloe 81, the subterranean Lower East Side lounge, was the “new Beatrice”? (We do! It was one of the few times the author of this post has been a bold-faced name.) Well, now there’s a “new Chloe 81,” and it’s launching tonight. With free vodka. [Read more…]

Eat Free Wings – 4th Annual “Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition”

We’re hungry already:

The Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition is an annual event where restaurants, bars, and other vendors throughout the borough of Brooklyn showcase their wares before a panel of judges – and hundreds of Brooklynites – in a quest for the coveted title of The Best Wings In Brooklyn!

This yearly competition brings people from all corners of Brooklyn together to feast on, vote on, and just out-and-out celebrate one of man’s greatest creations – WINGS!!!

Wings, wings, and more wings!!! How do YOU like ’em???

THE BEST WINGS IN BROOKLYN COMPETITION was originated at, and is hosted by, Red Star, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. While some may attempt to imitate or duplicate, rest assured there is only one true “Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition,” and it’s right here, each and every February!

If you’re a purveyor of wings or if you’re a wing aficionado… this is your Super Bowl, folks!!!

[via Brokelyn]

At Red Star Bar
March 16, 2-8pm

Go behind the scenes of Williamsburg restaurant Rye with owner Cal Elliot

Vice went to Rye in Williamsburg as part of their ‘Munchies’ series to talk to chef/owner Cal Elliot. In this excellent video Cal even takes us behind the scenes of Samurai Mama and gets wasted before heading back to make more food. Check [Read more…]

Xi’an Famous Foods’ Newest Location Brings the Heat to Greenpoint

Xi'an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods has been drawing crowds to Queens and Manhattan for the past seven years, and with the opening of its newest location on 86 Beadel Street between Morgan and Vandervoort, the signature ‘tingly and spicy’ lamb burgers, slurp-able cold skin noodles and spicy cumin lamb burgers are now ready for you to bite into in Brooklyn. Stake out a stool, hunker over your steaming burger/buckwheat noodles/bowl of soup, and don’t look up from the meal until you feel tears streaming from a mercilessly tasty mélange of spices.

Occupying an abandoned warehouse, the self-identified Greenpoint/East Williamsburg spot is the brand’s fourth location, opened on February 9. Created as a commissary cum eatery, the newest Xi’an Famous Foods serves as the production station for food served in all four of the brand’s locations, as well as a storefront for locals to dig into the Northern Chinese cuisine. Feeling a bit heavy from Hungarian pie and other popular Polish indulgences? Detour off of Nassau, pass the residential row of Morgan, and turn right on the desolate Beadel Street. If you can’t smell the chili oil cooking, you’ll soon see the snaking long line.

[Read more…]

GQ names St. Anslem one of ‘The Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013’

GQ just released their list of most outstanding American restaurants of 2013, and Williamsburg’s own St. Anslem made the list. GQ Food critic Alan Richman writes:

More than a steak house or a bistro, St. Anselm is a Brooklyn restaurant, filled with independence, quiet sophistication, beautifully executed simplicity, and a touch of quirkiness. I asked our waiter if absolutely every menu item was grilled, and he replied, “Except the spinach.” The avocado-and-shrimp salad comes with grill marks.

Read the rest of the review here.