‘Girls… Time For Your Adderall’ – Sofia Coppolla’s Bling Ring, Full Trailer

Brooklyn Bridge Park Outdoor Film Series Announced

Lost In Translation

July 11
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
High School truant extraordinaire, Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) plots to take one last grand day off before graduation, touring the streets on Chicago in a Ferrari “borrowed” from a friend’s father’s while staying one step ahead of principal Rooney (Jeffrey Jones). A master of capturing the trials and triumphs of teenage freedom, Director John Hughes blends satire, social commentary, and pure fun. [PG-13]

July 18
Enter the Dragon
Under the guise of an international martial arts competition, Bruce Lee and partners John Saxon and Jim Kelly infiltrate the hidden island fortress of a powerful drug syndicate off the coast of Hong Kong. Perhaps the seminal Kung Fu film of the 1970’s, Lee’s final film features the martial arts master at the height of his career with superbly staged fight scenes in a variety of styles. [R]

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Someone’s Making A Documentary About That Crazy “Antiques Dealer” On Graham Avenue

Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Joe’s trinket shop symbolizes a fusion of two worlds: where traditional American-Italian ideals meet a new wave of hipsters.

U R Not Alone depicts the evolution of an unlikely friendship between this controversial man and two young women and continues with their dilemma once he is arrested. As they delve deeper into investigating Joe’’ crimes and past, they bring audiences on their moral roller coaster ride – questioning the intrinsic societal predicaments he stands for.

More information here on the U R Not Alone Kickstarter page.

Christopher Doyle’s Wonderful Oscars/Life of Pi Rant

This couldn’t be more perfect:

“Do you want me to tell the truth? Ai yay yay yay. Okay. I’m trying to work out how to say this most politely, and no offense to — I don’t know him personally — but what a total fucking piece of shit. Let me be blunt. Ah, fuck. I don’t care, I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy and I’m sure he cares so much, but since 97 per cent of the film is not under his control, what the fuck are you talking about cinematography, sorry. I’m sorry. I have to be blunt and I don’t care, you can write it. I think it’s a fucking insult to cinematography.

“I’m sure he’s a wonderful person, I’m sure he cares so much. But what it says to the real world is it’s all about us, we have the money, we put the money in, and we control the image. And I say fuck you, wankers. Are you fucking kidding? That’s not cinematography. That’s control of the image by the powers that be, by the people that want to control the whole system because they’re all accounts. You’ve lost cinema. This is not cinema and it’s not cinematography. It’s not cinematography.

Spring Breakers: The New Harmony Korine Film Looks Wonderfully Trashy

Watch the trailer for a documentary about the gentrification of Williamsburg

Su Freidrich’s documentary about the gentrification of Williamsburg is called Gut Renovation starts playing at Film Forum on Wednesday, March 6. The film originally screened at Brooklyn Film Festival last year. From [Read more…]

Hardcore Modular Synthesizer Porn: “I Dream of Wires”

“I Dream of Wires” (IDOW) is an upcoming, independent documentary film about the phenomenal resurgence of the modular synthesizer – exploring the passions, obsessions and dreams of people who have dedicated part of their lives to this esoteric electronic music machine. Written and directed by Robert Fantinatto, with Jason Amm (Ghostly International recording artist Solvent) serving as producer and co-writer, IDOW is set to receive it’s festival premiere, May 2013.

Beach House Film: ‘Forever Still’

via their website:

Here are a few stills from a short film called “Forever Still” that we have been working on for a while. We performed/recorded four songs from Bloom outdoors, in various locations that are special for us around El Paso and Tornillo, Texas. The film follows the passing of one night, starting at sunset and ending at dawn. We hope to have it finished by mid-January.