Get Ready For Another Subway Fare Increase

And just when you were starting to love your 45 minute wait on the L and G lines.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority unveiled on Monday four proposals for a scheduled fare increase next March, introducing the possibility of raising the base fare on subways and buses to $2.50 from $2.25 or increasing the cost of a 30-day MetroCard by as much as $21.

Some of the proposals put more burden on travelers who buy their rides one at a time. Others extract more blood from those who buy rides in bulk or spring for an unlimited card. Which do you think is the fairest? Which would you rather see the transit agency implement (which is not necessarily the same question)?

Here are the four proposals.

Try Walking to Work; Subway Fares Rise

The temperatures are dropping, but I’m still glad I can walk to work. Good luck to everybody else. The board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted today to raise subway, bus, and commuter rail prices for the third time in three years. After all the changes and service cuts this past summer, you’d think the MTA would give riders a break, but the fare increases passed in the board vote 12-2. The MTA plans to see a 7.5% increase in revenue from the fare hikes. From The Times:

“The unlimited 7-day and 30-day MetroCards for the city’s subway and bus system will remain unlimited, as the board rejected a proposal to cap the number of rides they are valid for. But the price of the passes will jump significantly. On Dec. 30, when the increases take effect, a 30-day unlimited card will cost $104, up from $89, a 17 percent increase, while an unlimited weekly pass will cost $29, up from $27. Single rides will rise 25 cents to $2.50.”

The MTA is like most of our city, struggling with budget shortfalls and funding shortages. Looks like commuters are going to start facing their own budget shortfalls come soon.