Band Alert – Il Abanico

Audio Intention

The Google Spanish to English translation for “abanico” is a fan. In the music culture, Il Abanico is a glistening pop outfit from Bogotá, Colombia. The band consists of Nicolas Losada on a guitar, Julianna Ronderos on a microphone and supporting members on various experimental instruments. Il Abanico is music that shines beautiful rays across the room. One hear of Ronderos’ voice and you can grasp a distinctive allurement to their sweet melodic sounds. This band is currently residing in Brooklyn and playing many regular shows around Williamsburg. If you haven’t checked out their music, get a free download of their Crossing Colors EP on their bandcamp. Il Abanico will also be attending SXSW, so feel free to visit their facebook to stalk them at that love fest.

Band Alert- Conveyor

Paper Garden Records

Earlier this month, there was a post on Snowmine’s first headlining show and Conveyor was briefly mentioned as one of the opening bands. After experiencing their lively act at Glasslands Gallery, I am compelled to properly introduce these men to you guys. Conveyor is a four men representation of sensational rock music with an experimental and at times, orchestral edge. Last year, they released an EP titled Sun Ray and this year, they have a new single called “Mukraker”. This track is a warm breeze with a bright radiance of the xylophone. Watch the music video of “Mukraker” below and get cozy with their versatile kitchen/loft/recording space.

You know what is so great about these local New York bands? They play local New York shows. This Saturday, Conveyor will be performing with Bryan Scary (another client of the lovable Paper Garden Records) at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.  Get your tickets here! It’s an early show with doors opening at 7:30 so why not? Last time, a man in a rainbow jumpsuit came on stage during the set with a beautiful trumpet. Maybe this will happen again!

Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”


Sleigh Bells are back with another teaser from their second LP, Reign Of Terror. This single is titled “Comeback Kid” and it is all we could possibly want from the banging duo. In this track, digital ringing is followed by noisy clashes of electric guitars to the maximum amp. Then, Alexis Krauss sets the song in sparks with her famous layering of incredible high notes. “Comeback Kid” is undeniably loud and playful. The music goes well with the artwork of flaming shrubs. If you forgot, Reign Of Terror will be released February, 21st via Mom + Pop.

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells


Let loose

Looking for something to do tonight? If you feel like getting your end of week started with a pretty sweet show and/or generally like fun, head over to Union Hall tonight to party with Psychic Teens, Carved Up, Hannibal Montana (amazing band name,) and Zula. Psychic Teens describe themselves as “regular adults from Philadelphia that sound like that time you spotted your creepy metalhead brother at 80s night.” What about that doesn’t say fun. Carved Up, who just added a vocalist for the first time, will supply the face melting. All of the bands bring something a little different to the bill. This is no chillwaveshoegaze-a-thon, come prepared to let loose…real loose.

Buy tickets here.