106 Green Inaugural Exhibition: After the Goldrush

This sounds like the perfect event for these recessionary times. 106 Green is an artist run project space in Greenpoint Brooklyn that will provide space for artists and curators to exhibit their work. They are opening thier doors to the public on Saturday. From their website:

Originally inspired by an apocalyptic screenplay by artist and actor Dean Stockwell, After the Gold Rush, Neil Young’s third solo effort, is an epic record encompassing love, loss, social critique, and a tragic American landscape. Most of the album was recorded in Young’s make-shift basement studio during the spring of 1970, in the late days of the Vietnam war and the dawn of a decade of economic tumult. The songs shift in theme and musical genre, and depict visions from the medieval to the extraterrestrial in service of what appears to be an apocalyptic end, but with a hint of redemptive optimism. The album was met with lukewarm reviews. Rolling Stone then dismissed as ‘dull’ what it now calls a ‘masterpiece’.
While none of the work in this exhibition is based on Mr. Young’s music, perhaps it reflects something of its spirit. With varying strategies and media, the artists offer meditations ranging from the interpersonal to the epic; most capturing a north American angst that is both interwoven with the past and undeniably contemporary. Much of the work depicts a sort of cosmic spirituality where urban, rural, interior, and technological landscapes merge; and at its core offers a challenge and possible alternatives (however small) to the excesses of the Bush era boom.

Don’t miss the after party at Coco66 with a performance by the great Parlor Grand.

Previously on Lost at The Bell House Tonight

via MySpace
I am a self-confessed Lost nerd, so it’s exciting to see that the best Lost-themed band Previously on Lost will be celebrating the season finale tonight at the Bell House. I think the photo says it all.

The Northside Festival: The FREEwilliamsburg Showcase

Northside festival
Mark your calendars! We’re excited to announce our showcase for the upcoming Northside Festival.
Friday June 12 at Death by Audio:

Needless to say, we’re psyched to have such an amazing line-up and we have lots more details to come, so stay tuned. For now, you can check out the bands below:

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3rd Ward Green Bikes Birthday Party

Yep, this is still going on today. It’ll just be indoors now.

2 to 8 p, FREE admission and Colt 45
RSVP [email protected]
On our 3rd Anniversary in Brooklyn, we announce Green Bikes! Starting in May, when you sign up for a 3rd Ward membership you get a free custom-designed bike! To celebrate we’ve taken over Stagg street for a day of mayhem. Compete in a drag race, bring a t-shirt for live screenprinting, take a workshop, or just come for the fun.
Live Music: The Wild Yaks, Pterodactyl, Afuche, Aa, Lam, DJ Drew Heffron, DJ Grizzly Spears
Festivities: BBQ from Chef Stephanie Sugawara, Summer drinks, Bike competitions & performances, Films from Empire, Music videos from Moviehouse, Photobooth, Badminton, Selena Kimball in the Gallery
Free Workshops: Bike Repair, Reclaimed Lumber, Furniture Design, Welding Basics, Experimental Video Presentation, Building Green, Jewelry Workshop: Flocking, Fabrication: Alginate Casting, Leather as an Art

Brooklyn Craft Fair This Weekend

Maybe we all had mothers who made our Halloween costumes and taught us how to sew. Whatever it is, Brooklynites are the best at making their own duds. This weekend you can get the best of the best at the Lyceum for under $30. Check it out:

We want everyone to thrive in this sucky economy – both crafters and consumers – so we want to help get the goods flowing in both directions. This is a time for keeping our money local and helping our artists thrive, all the while keeping an eye on the ole purse strings. This market is designed for those of us who can’t spend like we once could, but still want to support the arts the best we can, get to know the artisans’ of NYC, and get lovely handmade things in the process.
So please come to the Market, buy as much as you like (get those mother’s day and holiday gifts early), and let’s keep our money out of Target and Walmart!!

Forgot to add, my favorite Charm School Design will be there. Every lady should have one of her headbands in her closet.

Free Danger Party Time

This is a HOT flyer!
So if you weren’t at this on Tuesday night you pretty much suck because it was HILARIOUS. But good news! You can redeem yourself by attending this FUN and WILD dance party on Saturday night!
Recipe for a great Saturday Night = Our friends @ FREE DANGER spinning some sleazy disco + EAR PWR!! + MVSCLZ + me and Nicole! Ummn yah I don’t think this gets any better.

Japanther & Ninjasonik Saving the High School Musical

From Mikki Halpin of Art Local– the folks who brought you Don’t Demo Domino:

The show came about when I was at a community meeting and Candace Parr and Elli Weinert, the drama and music teachers at Automotive, respectively, mentioned that their programs had been cut. I’d seen the Automotive musical last year (West Side Story) and was so impressed with what the kids did and how thrilled and grateful they were that Candace had believed in them and gotten the program going[…]
Since I often put on benefits around the neighborhood, it was a no-brainer to offer to help. I’ve always wanted to work on integrating Automotive High and its students and faculty into the neighborhood–they are part of our community as well. The school has come so far, and here in a community of artists and musicians, it was no problem to get volunteers and bands to participate. Although Japanther and Ninjasonik are just returning from a long tour, they said yes immediately when I asked them to help[…]
The show is going to be great–the kids will perform some dance numbers from Guys and Dolls, the Automotive High Hip Hop Jazz Band will play, and then of course the bands.

Go check it out TONIGHT @ Automotive High, 50 Bedford Ave. It’s a great cause and you might even win something yummy from Teddy’s or a free spa tratment at Beehive, mmm.

May Day Party at The Nut Roaster

Our friends at Brooklyn Fire Proof and the Nut Roaster Studios are hosting a May Day party Friday night, over at 120 Ingraham Street. 5 bands are playing, and there will also be a raffle, drink specials, DJs, and art + video installations.
7 pm, Friday May 1st
Update: we’ve received word that there may be changes to the lineup, including Real Estate, who will not be playing Friday night…