Eternal Summers – “Good As You”

More Highlights of the Northside Fest (And Some Upcoming Shows)

I think we all needed a day or two to recover after the Northside Festival, and in addition to the obviously dandy Freewilly showcase there were quite a few fresh new faces that stuck out. Beyond chatting up Michael Pitt and Britt Daniel at Tame Impala and Active Child respectively, here were a few of my highlights:

// ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER kinda made me feel like I was stuck in a K-hole at a Boards of Canada show in the 90s (in the best possible way). Daniel Lopatin turned Glasslands on Friday into an incredible drone-y sonic playground. And he has some cool videos to boot, so it makes sense that he’s playing in a month with Animal Collective at PS1.

// TAME IMPALA was the weekend’s buzzband, and Glasslands was packed & hot as hell Saturday (I haven’t felt sweat drip on me from the ceiling since I Love Techno 2007) but at least Tame Impala drizzled the crowd with a fairly refreshing dose of fuzzy psychedelia. Video here. Shirtless Aussies, who’da thunk?

// NORTH HIGHLANDS were a surprise gem, really hitting the mark with their sunny psych-pop. Soon these Brooklyners are playing on a boat & something to do with nachos?

// DARLINGS are another bunch of ‘burghers who played a much more polished set at their Public Assembly show than the last time I heard them and feel to finally have gotten the hang of the garage-pop vibe enough to land a Whitney Live show in July.

// ETERNAL SUMMERS and THE FRESH & ONLYS were also pleasant breaths of fresh air for the sweaty weekend.

Here’s to hoping for a nice & breezy summer.