Electric Zoo Interview: The Freeway of Flux

Flux Pavilion headlining the main stage at Electric Zoo 2016

(Photo Credit: aLIVE coverage on behalf of www.electriczoofestival.com)

Truth be told, I wasn’t always into bass music. I spent most of 2012 cringing to dubstep while most of my friends got down like dinosaurs. But that all changed when I first heard Flux Pavilion’s, I Can’t Stop. Those prolific vocals over moving melodies made from grimy synths bridged the gap between me and bass music. Even four years later, this track prevails as a closing anthem cherished by bassheads everywhere.

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Electric Zoo: Transformed

Electric Zoo

Update July 24, 2015

Electric Zoo is just a couple of short months away, which means it’s time to start planning your schedule, picking your outfits and doing that cleanse you’ve been putting off, because once Labor Day Weekend hits, we are gettin’ down! This year’s lineup features an incredible range of talent from live acts like Gramatik and GRiZ to EDM legends like Above & Beyond and The Chemical Brothers. Even more promising this year, the festival is being presented by ID&T, the creators of Mysteryland, TomorrowWorld and Sensation. No wonder it’s taken on the new name of “Electric Zoo: Transformed”.

This is a whole new world. Are you ready to be a part of it? Three day passes are still available for only $239.99 ($439.99 VIP). Check out the full lineup and buy your tickets online HERE.

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Last weekend I sat down with Australian DJ and Producer Hook N Sling, whose newest remix of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is blowing up in clubs across the country. After rescuing me in a golf cart after his Friday afternoon set, we had a few minutes to talk about why he loves people watching at concerts and why he feels like an Australian Shepard at music festivals.

Megan: So I’ve got Hook N Sling here with me, a DJ and Producer from Sydney, who’s blowing up and getting big here in the states.

Hook N Sling: Wait, is this an audio interview?

M: No, I don’t know why I introduced it like that. (Laughs) That was weird.

HnS: (Laughs) Yeah, from Sydney, and I’ve since moved to LA.

M: 2012, right?

HnS: Yeah, that’s right.

M: So what spurred your move?

HnS: You know, actually I did Electric Zoo and I played with Nervo, we did a little back to back near the end of their set in 2012, and that was when I had just moved here. So that was kind of around the time I did that. The move happened because I suppose I was getting itchy feet in Australia. Everything was great but I wanted to just see what I could do over here and start at a different level over here and see where that took me. And to be honest, I came over to the states and I struggled to get the same quality gigs I was getting in Australia. I had to work hard and establish a name for myself, but it was good.

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REVIEW: Electric Zoo 2014

EZ2014ATW_David Guetta_Friday_IMG_7655

David Guetta at Electric Zoo, Photo by aLive Coverage

UPDATE 9/7: Electric Zoo will offer refunds for Sunday ticket holders. Please visit their official website for additional details.

Electronic Dance Music fans from near and far flooded Randall’s Island last weekend to soak up top-notch music spanning subgenres from deep house to trance and dubstep. Increased security measures may have led to sparser crowds than previous years, but proved effective with no serious medical issues arising over the course of the weekend. The more contained festival layout caused some sound bleed issues for stages on the east side of the island, but people danced all the same and it didn’t seem to affect the party too drastically. Main Stage East, Vinyl Only and Sunday School Grove’s sound systems were effective while parts of Hilltop Arena and Beatport Riverside suffered due to location. The sound from Main Stage West was noticeably more quiet compared to last year, but not so much that your ears were safe (Mine are still ringing. Worth it.)

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Electric Zoo 2014 Survival Guide


The time is finally upon us. It’s that glorious weekend in NYC when we can throw caution to the wind and dance like maniacs for three days straight. The animals will RAGE. Electric Zoo will take over Randall’s Island Friday Aug. 29 – Aug. 31st. Whether it’s your first time out of the cage, or you’re a howling veteran we want to make sure you’re geared up with everything from A-Trak to Zedd (A to Z – get it??) to make this weekend safe, fun and all-around epic.

Visit the Electric Zoo website first. You’ll be able to get a quick snapshot of items that are allowed and items that are prohibited during the festival. One of the big changes for this year is NO CAMELBAKS. Regardless of size, you’ll need to leave your Camelbak at home, or risk getting turned away.

So here are some great things to keep handy:

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Electric Zoo DJ to Watch: GRiZ


Dropping bass, spinning house, laying trap – international artists from all genres of EDM will be making the trek to NYC over labor day weekend for the 6th Annual Electric Zoo Festival. Staff writer Megan Venzin will be highlighting her favorite artists each week leading up to the Zoo, taking place August 29-31st on Randall’s Island.

Who are they?: GRiZ (aka Grant Kwiecinski) is a 24-year-old Detroit-based DJ, producer and Saxophone player. He’s a former member of LEAK, and is half of GRiZmatik, a side project with popular New York producer Gramatik, and one-fourth of Big GRiZmatik, a collaboration that also includes the two members of Colorado’s Big Gigantic.

What do they sound like?: GRiZ blends dubstep, glitch and live saxophone to create a unique genre he refers to as “electro-soul”.

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Electric Zoo DJ to Watch: Zomboy


Dropping bass, spinning house, laying trap – international artists from all genres of EDM will be making the trek to NYC over labor day weekend for the 6th Annual Electric Zoo Festival. Staff writer Megan Venzin will be highlighting her favorite artists each week leading up to the Zoo, taking place August 29-31st on Randall’s Island.

Who are they?: Zomboy (aka Joshua Mellody) is a 25-year-old British electronic music producer who first hit the scene in 2011 with the release of his track Organ Donor.

What do they sound like?: Zomboy’s tracks feature a unique blend of dubstep and glitch hop. His ethereal melodies and thunderous drops create expansive soundscapes that are deliciously dark and easy to recognize. If you’re a fan of Skrillex or Knife Party, you’ll probably dig what Zomboy is laying down.

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Did You See “The Molly” PSA?

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 9

Earlier this week, Electric Zoo promoters released an anti-drug PSA simply titled “The Molly” as part of their new Come to Life campaign. Looking to avoid another tragedy like last year’s, all attendees of the 6th annual Electric Zoo festival must watch this video as part of the wristband registration process.

While I’m of the mind that kids are going to do what they want, I believe the campaign is a pretty bold move on the part of Made Events. The problem with young people overdosing on ecstacy isn’t going away: 40 hospitalized at Avicii’s show in Boston, two dead at Las Vegas’ EDC festival and another dead at Maryland’s Mad Decent Block Party just last week. At least someone is addressing the issue . . . but only time will tell if it does any good.

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