INTERVIEW: Eliot Lipp of Pretty Lights Music


It was a big week for Brooklyn based electronic DJ and producer, Eliot Lipp. Lipp’s in the middle of a national tour and just celebrated the release of his newest LP out on Pretty Lights Music, Watch the Shadows, which is a deliciously diverse collection that fuses hip-hop sounds, synth beats and vocals for tracks that keep you guessing, “what’s next?”

Even though I caught Eliot while he was getting over a cold, it didn’t stop the ambitious artist from sharing his excitement about recent collaborations, his most anticipated tour stops and tips for staying healthy on the road.

Megan Venzin: Where do you feel like you get most of your influences for producing music?

Eliot Lipp: Probably from listening to my friends music and listening to stuff with other producers that I hang out with. I’m influenced a lot by them, also from playing live and recently kind of starting to make me want to make more club and dance music.

MV: And this your something like your 7th or 8th release!

EL: Something like that, I can’t really remember but it’s getting up there. (Laughs)

MV: How do you feel like your sound has evolved over time, and how have you grown as a performer?

EL: There’s a lot more layers. I’m trying to make it so musically there’s more depth to it, but I don’t know I’m also trying to get better at the engineering side of it. I took a mixing and mastering class at Dubspot in New York and that helped me quite a bit, just learning the technical aspects of being a producer.

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Verboten finds a home on N11


EDM fans rejoice! Verboten, the host of late night underground dance parties in “secret” locations around Brooklyn for years, is now hanging a permanent disco ball in a 10,000 square foot space at 54 North 11th. The grand opening takes place this weekend, with a Rebel Rave party featuring Damian Lazarus, Francesca Lombardo, Fur Coat, Ida Engberg and Pattern Drama. Saturday continues the festivities with Wasabassco’s monthly burlesque show.


Here’s a little more about the space from the website:

The Control Room has been designed from the ground up to be a true home for dance music events, concerts and private events, featuring a cutting edge Martin Audio sound system [including line arrays for live music], acoustic ceiling panels, panoramic video walls, raised seating areas and a sprung wood dance floor [reclaimed from a warehouse once belonging to Thomas Edison].


The adjacent Cabaret Bar is a warmer, more intimate space with its own sound system, designed to function along with the Control Room or completely independently. Featuring overstuffed leather banquettes, sound absorbent curtains, neon chandeliers, and a burned concrete bar, it plays host to day parties, smaller weeknight events, art shows, cabaret and [eventually] a small plates restaurant.


Tickets for Friday are $30 at the door. RSVP here for the free show on Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cosmetic Opera!

CosmeticCosmic Opera took over Manhattan’s historic Hammerstein Ballroom for it’s inaugural extrasensory dance event last night!

SURE SURE SURE …  Skrillex wasn’t there but that guy Axwell from Swedish House Mafia Was! .. AND he worked the crowd into a dance frenzy while aerial dancers danced on the ceiling in a way that would make any Lionel Richie enthusiast jealous!

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