Shi*t! F*ck! Dammit! Now The Acheron is closing


Last week, we found out we were losing Grand Victory and possibly Secret Project Robot and Palisades. Now Acheron is shutting down its backroom and will no longer be hosting shows. In another week, the only place you’ll be able to see music is the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.  [Read more…]

Brooklyn Mirage shut down again, this time for safety violations

Mirage; credit:  Scott Lynch/Gothamist

Mirage; credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist

From DNA:

A slew of safety violations prompted city building inspectors to shut down a 6,000-person party venue for the second time in three weeks, according to an email sent from the Department of Buildings to the local community board. [Read more…]

Man killed in East Williamsburg this morning after confronting thieves

Photo via Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

Photo via Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

A 53-year-old sheet metal worker was killed near Grattan Street and Knickerbocker Avenue this morning around 8AM after confronting a group of men who were [Read more…]

Moku Moku, a new Izakaya restaurant in Bushwick, is now open


Moku Moku recently opened in Bushwick (you can call it East Williamsburg if you want). It’s from the same people who own Momo Sushi Shack which is next door:

Opened in the former Olive Valley space, Moku Moku isn’t doing sushi, but rather a more meat-heavy menu focused on Yakitori, which in Japanese means grilled chicken. But it’s not just chicken they’re serving here — on the menu you’ll find specialties including grilled beef tongue, chicken gizzards and beef heart. [Read more…]

Roberta’s new takeout restaurant now serving breakfast to go


Credit: Adam Kuban

Morgan stoppers are gonna be blissed out about this. Now they can grab bagels in the AM and still stop by later for a pizza on the run:

The bakers are offering everything bagels schmeared with cream cheese, plus parfaits, off-menu bialys, and an egg sandwich similar to the one on offer in the restaurant. Back in the days when Melissa Weller was baking for Roberta’s, the restaurant was offering some standout bagels, but they disappeared when Weller left to work on her own project with the Torrisi boys. It’s unclear if these newbies are made from the same recipe. [Read more…]

No, The Average Resident of Williamsburg Is Not Rich

Yesterday, Matt Buchanan of The Awl wrote,

Whether the Williamsburg you know ended with Diner in 1998-1999 or Marlow & Sons in 2004 or the Wythe Hotel in 2012 (or whichever milestone you prefer!), the average human living in Williamsburg is now, officially, a rich person—and a young one, at that.

Buchanan bases his post on a June 12 article from The Wall Street Journal (which, incidentally, referenced a post of ours).

[Read more…]

The Department of Homeland Security raided an East Williamsburg apartment building this weekend

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

Early Sunday morning, agents of the NYPD and the Department of Homeland Security conducted a raid on the apartment building located at 221 Devoe Street in East Williamsburg, Gothamist reports.

The DHS arrived in a heavily-armored MRAP (“mine-resistant/ambush-protected“) vehicle emblazoned with “HSI SPECIAL RESPONSE TEAM.” HSI stands for Homeland Security Investigations, which is a subdivision of DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division. According to its website, “HSI investigates immigration crime, human rights violations and human smuggling, smuggling of narcotics, weapons and other types of contraband, financial crimes, cybercrime and export enforcement issues.”

Serious shit!

According to one resident of the block, an NYPD officer claimed that the raid turned up “kilos of heroin.” The DHS told Gothamist that the raid was part of “an ongoing investigation.”

Moral: don’t run a heroin smuggling operation out of your Williamsburg apartment, because the DHS will come wake up your whole block on Sunday night and your neighbors will not like you very much.


[via Gothamist]

BBQ maestro opening enormous NC-style whole hog restaurant in Bushwick

Tyson Ho. [Photograph: Josh Bousel & Serious Eats]

We’re looking forward to this new pork palace coming soon to Bushwick. (Or is it East Williamsburg?)

Tyson Ho, the Flushing-bred, North-Carolina-trained pit master, has confirmed that he’ll be setting up a beer and barbecue hall at 173 Morgan Avenue to open this summer.

The restaurant is meant to emulate the experience of a communal pig picking, the format of his Hog Days of Summer pop-up meals last year… The communal experience will also allow Ho to turn whole hog barbecue, a lower-yield process compared to smoking single cuts like brisket or shoulder, into a financially viable restaurant. He’ll be digging into Carolina barbecue tradition by serving west Carolina-style outside brown, and the menu will also include a selection of country ham from around the U.S. “to establish ourselves as a church of pork….” [Read more…]