There was a huge pot bust in Greenpoint over the weekend


Meanwhile, we keep forgetting it hasn’t been legalized. From Gothamist:

400 pounds of beautiful-looking marijuana was seized by the NYPD in a big Greenpoint drug bust this week. First 300 pounds of the mouth-watering weed was discovered in a container that two men allegedly picked up at ABF Freight on the banks of Newtown Creek in East Williamsburg on Wednesday. They then allegedly drove it to 234 Java Street in Greenpoint, where officers acting on a search warrant found another 100 pounds of herb that will never find a good home. [Read more…]

Greenpoint pharmacy busted for running $15M oxy ring — largest in New York history


Looks like Greenpointers will need to find a new place to buy their vitamins, greeting cards, and homeopathic elixirs:

Marcin Jakacki, 35, and his wife Lilian, 49, owners of Chopin Chemist in Brooklyn, doled out pills to “customers” who often used prescriptions from stolen pads written to obviously fake names like “Chanel” and “Coach.” [Read more…]

Williamsburg resident suspected as king pin in Brooklyn-Suffolk County heroin ring

Cash and drugs seized from the heroin ring (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

Cash and drugs seized from the heroin ring (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

Miguel Vicente of Williamsburg is one of 14 people arrested in connection to a heroin ring spanning from Brooklyn to Long Island. 32-year-old Vincente is thought to be the king pin and accused of supplying the heroin- around 10,000 pounds of it. The ring supposedly sold over 360,000 bags over the past year, worth about $3.6 million. He and the others appeared in court Wednesday and are charged with drug trafficking, possession and conspiracy among other offenses. Vicente, maintaining his innocence, faces a possible life sentence if convicted. His bail is set at $2.5 million as he awaits his next court date on May 9.


There’s a Kokie’s yoga mat


In case you weren’t around for Kokie’s, Vice published an nasal oral history a few years ago. From Hyperallergic:

Designed by New York–based artist Jon Kessler, the object is part of a series of yoga mats by Grey Area, which includes versions created by Daniel Arsham, Wim Delvoye, and others.
The sales blurb for Grey Area’s yoga mats is so very insightful, as it suggests: “If you consider the many hours people spend staring at their mats, often in a grounded and conscious state, unencumbered by their mind’s preoccupations, they are in an ideal condition for viewing art.” And, in case you were worried that Kessler was going to obscure his objet d’art with a blizzard of pretentious theory explaining the basis for his idea, he seems to say “fuck it” and tell it like it is. Commentary on his mat, from the site: [Read more…]

The Department of Homeland Security raided an East Williamsburg apartment building this weekend

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

Early Sunday morning, agents of the NYPD and the Department of Homeland Security conducted a raid on the apartment building located at 221 Devoe Street in East Williamsburg, Gothamist reports.

The DHS arrived in a heavily-armored MRAP (“mine-resistant/ambush-protected“) vehicle emblazoned with “HSI SPECIAL RESPONSE TEAM.” HSI stands for Homeland Security Investigations, which is a subdivision of DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division. According to its website, “HSI investigates immigration crime, human rights violations and human smuggling, smuggling of narcotics, weapons and other types of contraband, financial crimes, cybercrime and export enforcement issues.”

Serious shit!

According to one resident of the block, an NYPD officer claimed that the raid turned up “kilos of heroin.” The DHS told Gothamist that the raid was part of “an ongoing investigation.”

Moral: don’t run a heroin smuggling operation out of your Williamsburg apartment, because the DHS will come wake up your whole block on Sunday night and your neighbors will not like you very much.


[via Gothamist]

Ratatat – Drugs

We wanted to post this last week, but it freaked us so much we didn’t get around to doing it until now. We like this almost as much as that one they did with the parrot.

[Said parrot video after the jump.]

[Read more…]

Request For Information: Fart Bags

What’s with all the fart bags littered throughout McCarren Park? I first came across one of these mysterious little suckers last week and figured, well, that there’s a fart bag, there’s not much else there than just a bag for producing fart stink. But let’s irresponsibly theorize that there’s a more sinister usage for these gaseous gags. Poison? Nah. Can you smoke them? Probably not. Huffing? Yes!

You could totally huff a fart bag.

There’s even a tweet out there that somewhat supports this theory, so I’m going to roll with it. Here are the facts: People are huffing fart bags in McCarren Park. This is a problem that’s on the rise and we are just simply outraged that nobody is doing anything about it.

It’s a cheap high — you can go buy yourself a pack of six fart bags at the all-low price of $1.38 per unit, and by unit, I most certainly mean fart bag. We need to fight back.

I encourage everyone out there to step up and be a responsible citizen and SAVE OUR CHILDREN by writing to your local representatives that we need to keep our kids homes fart bag free. Are you with me?

Let’s do this for America. Let’s do this for Brooklyn.

It's a Mark Mothersbaugh Kind of Day…

Devo’s frontman, who is responsible for the Rugrats vs. Brooklyn music scene epiphany I had earlier today, apparently smoked drugs with other famous people. Are we surprised? [Via Boing Boing, h/t Pitchfork]

The only time in my life I smoked angel dust was by accident and it was on a double date with Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson. We all went to Studio 54, and people were passing drugs all over the place. Michael Jackson had just finished doing the movie The Wiz and still looked like Michael Jackson back then; he had an Afro, and he was still black. He passed me a joint, and I thought, well OK, we don’t have marijuana in Ohio so I’ll try it.