NY Distilling Company becomes a stage with ‘Macbeth: Things Bad Begun’


When cooler weather starts to set in, it can be tempting to hole up inside and watch endless amounts of Netflix. But I implore you, fine residents of Williamsburg, venture out while there are still leaves in the trees and temperatures above freezing.

How about a trip to the theatre? FoxWolf Productions presents a fresh take on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in an immersive setting at NY Distilling Company this December 7-13th. The performance is directed by Jamie Watkins and conceived by Alice Allemano and Christopher Hirsh. Musical director Zac Selissen and Pablo Lanuguere will play the score live.

Patrons can imbibe Macbeth themed cocktails, greeted at their seats with “The Done Deed” hot toddy and more provided by The Shanty with an open bar and music following the show. “Macbeth: Things Bad Begun” is the second theatrical event hosted by FoxWolf Productions; their first being a sold out run of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” earlier this year.

Get tickets here.

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Beloved in Greenpoint

via Grubstreet

Monday evening the fiance and I braved the rain for a much anticipated night cap at Greenpoint’s newest bar, Beloved.  I had already read a number of great reviews and am happy to report that every word was true.

We stepped into Beloved and found a couple seats at the end of bar.  The crowd was a little sparse around 9pm but started filling up as the next couple of hours passed.  The bar is beautiful – well designed and offering ample seating as well as a yard in the back.  The environment was comfortable and laid back and the bartender genuinely nice and personable.

I ordered that evening’s drink special – not sure what it was called but it consisted of a honey syrup, lime juice, and bourbon shaken together with blueberries.  It was, in my humble opinion, perfect.  The drink was not overly sweet, balanced by the lime juice and the smokey bourbon.  I also appreciated the perfectly ripe blueberries that garnished the drink as well as the very reasonable $8 price tag.  The fiance ordered the Allsorts Inc, consisting of tequila, mezcal, and an assortment of ingredients that we had to ask the bartender about, like Falernum.  The result was a delicious multilayered drink that had “a lot going on (but in a good way)” that the fiance thoroughly enjoyed.

All cocktails on the menu are $10.  All draft beers are $6 and cans of Tecate are an easy $3.  Beloved is located at 674 Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, close to the intersection of Manhattan and Norman Ave.

King & Grove Buying Hotel Williamsburg, Already Closed Restaurant

Pillar & Plough on Facebook

The big news in the Williamsburg culinary world this week is the closing of the Pillar & Plough restaurant at Hotel Williamsburg, which opened on N. 12th Street this past November. The hotel is changing owners and while the sale isn’t final, management closed the restaurant yesterday. Hotel representatives gave a statement to Eater, explaining that the hotel’s success had “attracted a non-solicited offer to purchase the property at a very favorable price.”

“Since opening, Pillar & Plough has received great reviews and success; it is with regret that we are closing the doors,” the statement continues. The hotel remains open for reservations as usual.

Graves Hospitality, which operates eleven hotels in two countries, had owned the restaurant and hotel. The planned future owner, King & Grove, describes itself as “a new lifestyle hotel brand defined by modern luxury with eclectic influence.” They specialize in “iconic destinations defined by a sense of nostalgia.” The group, founded in 2010, currently operates hotels in Miami and Montauk. Earlier this month, K&G announced it would be taking over New York’s Hotel Chelsea as well.

Pillar & Plough had a favorable rating of 4/5 stars on Yelp. According to one food blog, rumor has it that the new ownership will turn the below-ground restaurant space into a nightclub.

Basik, Steamboat And An Unnamed Thai Joint Coming to Graham Avenue

From Zagat

In the coming months, there will be a few new options for those nights when Motorino in Williamsburg is too crowded. Just down down the block in the old Phoebe’s space (323 Graham Ave.), Basik will be a new wine bar with small plates, which the owners hope to have open in a couple months. Just across the street from the popular pizzeria, in the old Kihm’s market space (324 Graham Ave.), construction workers tell us a new sushi spot called Steamboat will be opening. Finally, we hear a new Thai restaurant will be going into the currently plywooded former Cono & Sons space at 205 Graham Avenue – no word on a name yet.

Williamsburg Restaurant Owned By The Nuge’s Son

We love Cubana Social, so we won’t hold it against him. From the New Yorker

A month later, Mann flew to Texas. He met his sister, in Austin, where they spent two days “laughing and crying and freaking out” before driving to his father’s ranch, in China Spring, near Waco. “There he was, standing on his porch with his big cowboy hat,” Mann said. “I thought I was gonna throw up or jump out of the car and run off his property.”

Mann pulled out his iPhone to look at photos from the trip: Big Ted and Little Ted kneeling before a grill covered with elk steaks; Little Ted aiming a rifle (his girlfriend: “I think you just got sexier”); the contents of Big Ted’s pockets—handgun, ammo, handkerchief—displayed as part of a lesson in “what a man should carry”; father and son, arm in arm, holding a semiautomatic rifle and an Uzi. “I couldn’t believe it,” Mann said. “Here I am, a grown man, and I wanted to make sure I hit the bull’s-eye so I could show my dad I can shoot.” Mann flicked to another photo: a deer carcass hanging from a tree. “He sends me random shots of everything he kills now,” he said.

In April, he joined his dad on a hunting trip in Michigan—his “baptismal bloodletting,” Nugent called it—and, earlier this month, Nugent came to New York. He was in town for a concert, at the Iridium, and several media appearances. Howard Stern told him to bring the kids. (Stern to Mann: “Have you gotten laid more now that Ted Nugent is your dad?”) Nugent also wanted to see his son at work, so they went to Cubana Social, Mann’s Williamsburg restaurant—Nugent wore the neighborhood’s only authentic National Rifle Association cap—for empanadas and chorizo burgers.

Brooklyn Star Reopens

Brooklyn Star

c/o NY Mag

Somehow, this wasn’t on our radar, but Brooklyn Star has been open for a little over two weeks in the space formerly known as Lazy Catfish. There’s no brick oven this time around, but it’s more spacious and the menu remains largely the same.